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Canadian Connection Celebration

Summerfolk and the GBFS will present the Canadian Connection Celebration, taking place at Kelso Beach Park on Thursday, August 17th, 2017, featuring musicians such as Buffy Sainte-Marie, Chippewa Travellers, The Jerry Cans.

The evening celebrates and explores Ontario’s proud heritage by bringing together Summerfolk, the local indigenous communities and the general public to participate in a new event, part of the annual 42nd Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival; a Thursday night event, August 17th, 2017. The communities will be empowered to share their artistic expressions, culture and community pride.

· A limited number of tickets will be sold to the general public.
($15.00 each on-line or through the GBFS office)
· Gates open @ 6:30pm / Opening Ceremony @7:00pm
· The event will be a family-oriented, non- alcoholic event.

“Festivals and events bring local communities together,” said Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, in announcing the funding in Hamilton. “I am thrilled that our government continues to make important investments through the Celebrate Ontario program.”

Georgian Bay Roots Ep 022

Georgian Bay Roots

With your host Jon Farmer

jonfarmerEvery Sunday on CFOS 560 from 4-5pm, Georgian Bay Roots shares some of the best music that’s made in and played in Grey and Bruce Counties with roots music from across Canada and around the world thrown into the mix. Host, Jon Farmer, brings a musician’s ear and the heart of a fan to the airwaves with stories about performers and news about upcoming shows and releases. Tune in to hear some of your favourite acts and new bands that you didn’t know you loved.

This week’s episode features songs about the days of the week, canoes, and lumberjacks. We shine the light on past Youth Discovery Winners, local bands, and a few upcoming concerts.

If you missed the live show, we will post the episode by 6pm ET.

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Georgian Bay Roots is presented by the Georgian Bay Folk Society with the support the Ontario Trillium Foundation

This week’s episode is brought to you in part by:

GBR 22 Feb 26
"Artist: The Duhks
Track: Lazy John
Album: Beyond the Blue
Length: 4:32
Release date: 2014"
Artist: Eve Goldberg
Track: There’s Something About a Sunday
Length: 4:10
Artist: The Barn Birds
Track: Sundays Loving You
Length: 2:57
Artist: Mike Harloff
Track: Sunday’s Best
Length: 3:54
Artist: Dave Gunning
Track: Made on a Monday
Length: 3:45
Artist: T. Nile
Track: Friday Night
Length: 6:16
Artist: The Headache Pandemic
Track: Save the Earth
Length: 2:56

Artist: James Gordon
Track: This Canoe Runs on Water
Length: 3:01
Artist: Rachelle Van Zanten
Track: The Canoe Song
Length: 4:08
Artist: Ever Lovin Jug Band
Track: Boathouse Stomp
Length: 2:29
Artist: Onion Honey
Track: Lumberjack Blues
Length: 3:08
Artist: The Good Lovelies
Track: Lumberjack
Length: 3:31
Artist: Brad Prevedoros
Track : the Tarboulton Reel
Length: 1:52
Artist: The Humble Divines
Track: Inexplicably
Length: 3:46
Artist: The Humble Divines
Track: The East Coast Jam
Length: 2:03


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Georgian Bay Roots Episode 19 – The Mid-Winter Blues Show

Georgian Bay Roots

With your host Jon Farmer

jonfarmerEvery Sunday on CFOS 560 from 4-5pm, Georgian Bay Roots shares some of the best music that’s made in and played in Grey and Bruce Counties with roots music from across Canada and around the world thrown into the mix. Host, Jon Farmer, brings a musician’s ear and the heart of a fan to the airwaves with stories about performers and news about upcoming shows and releases. Tune in to hear some of your favourite acts and new bands that you didn’t know you loved.

This is the mid-winter blues episode with some classic blues, and a mix of Canadian and local blues to help you get through what can be a cold and dreary time of year. We’ve also got part of a conversation  with Ken Whiteley from Summerfolk last August

If you missed the live show, we will post the episode by 6pm ET.

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Georgian Bay Roots is presented by the Georgian Bay Folk Society with the support the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Ep 19 The Blues
Artist: The Duhks
Track: Lazy John
Album: Beyond the Blue
Length: 4:32
Release date: 2014
Artist: Robert Johnson
Track: Cross Road Blues
Length: 2:40
Artist: Pharis and Jason Romero
Track: Truck Driver’s Blues
Length: 2:05
Artist: Barrel Boys
Track: Housebound Blues
Length: 3:48
Artist: Michael Jerome Browne
Track: Broke Down Engine
Length: 4:17
Artist: The MacKenzie Blues Band
Track: Move On
Length: 3:58
Artist: Ken Whiteley
Track: Freedom Blues
Length: 5:00

Artist: Scarlett, Washington, and Whiteley
Track: A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
Length: 3:47
Artist: Jackie Washington
Track: I Ain’t Got You
Length: 2:15
Artist: David Francey
Track: American Blues
Length: 3:50
Artist: Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick
Track: How’d You Know I Missed You
Length: 3:17
Artist: 24th Street Wailers
Track: Unshakeable
Length: 4:02
Artist: Molly Johnson
Track: Night Comes In
Length: 4:45
Artist: 12 Below Zero
Track: Highway 21
Length: 4:00


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Georgian Bay Roots Ep 016

Georgian Bay Roots

With your host Jon Farmer

jonfarmerEvery Sunday on CFOS 560 from 4-5pm, Georgian Bay Roots shares some of the best music that’s made in and played in Grey and Bruce Counties with roots music from across Canada and around the world thrown into the mix. Host, Jon Farmer, brings a musician’s ear and the heart of a fan to the airwaves with stories about performers and news about upcoming shows and releases. Tune in to hear some of your favourite acts and new bands that you didn’t know you loved.

This episode features a whole lot of songs about, inspired by, and that mention provinces. We jump genres from folk and traditional, to blues and reggae, with some danceable pop and rock thrown in for good measure.  Listen closely for news about upcoming shows too.

If you missed the live show, we will post the episode by 6pm ET.

You can download an iTunes podcast here

Are you making music that you want us to share?
Do you have gig coming up that you want to promote?
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Georgian Bay Roots is presented by the Georgian Bay Folk Society with the support the Ontario Trillium Foundation


Ep 016 Jan 15
"Artist: The Duhks Track: Lazy John
Album: Beyond the Blue
Length: 0:30
Release date: 2014
"Artist Oh Susanna
Track Provincial Parks
Album: Namedropper
Length: 3:59
"Artist: Jim Bryson
Track: Ontario
Album: We Will Find Our Place
Length: 3:47
"Artist: Provincial Lines
Track: Never Far
Album: Provincial Lines
Length: 3:39
"Artist: Poor Angus
Track: Shores of Newfoundland
Album: Prime Cuts
Length: 5:01
"Artist: Don Messer
Track: St Anne’s Reel
Album: unknown
"Artist: Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies
Track: O Saskatoon
Album:Tongue Tied
Length: 4:11
"Artist: Donovan Woods
Track: Sask
Album: Don’t Get Too Grand
Length: 3:17
"Artist: Carly Dow
Track: Too much to go back
Length: 4:38
"Artist: Gordon Lightfoot
Track: Alberta Bound
Album: Don Quixote
Length: 3:13
"Artist: Said the Whale
Track: BC Orienteering
Album: Islands disappear
Length: 4:21
"Artist: The MacKenzie Blues Band
Track: Higher Ground
Album: Slam! Bam!
"Artist: Coco Love Alcorn
Track: Unbreakable
Album Wonderland
"Artist: The Human Rights
Track: Lionheart
Album: The Human Rights
"Artist: The Band of the Canadian Forces
Track: Pipe Medley (PEI/Vive la Canadienne/Farewell to Nova Scotia/Alberta Bound/I'se the Bye/Gens du Pays/Maple Leaf Forever)
Album: Vimy: Hommage Au Patrimoine - Honour The Legacy


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Check out our radio show.

Georgian Bay Roots 6

Georgian Bay Roots

With your host Jon Farmer

jonfarmerEvery Sunday on CFOS 560 from 4-5pm, Georgian Bay Roots shares some of the best music that’s made in and played in Grey and Bruce Counties with roots music from across Canada and around the world thrown into the mix. Host, Jon Farmer, brings a musician’s ear and the heart of a fan to the airwaves with stories about performers and news about upcoming shows and releases. Tune in to hear some of your favourite acts and new bands that you didn’t know you loved.

If you missed the live show, we will post the episode by 6Pm ET.

You can download an iTunes podcast here

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Georgian Bay Roots is presented by the Georgian Bay Folk Society with the support the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Artist: The Duhks
Track: Lazy John
Album: Beyond the Blue
Length: 4:32
Release date: 2014
Artist: Amelia Curran
Track: Somebody Somewhere
Album: They Promised you mercy
Length: 3:54
Release date: 2014
Artist: Jayme Stone
Track: Hog Went Through The Fence, Yoke and All
Album: Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project
Length: 3:42
Release date: 2015
Artist:Joy Kills Sorrow
Track: 1216 Two Step
Album: Joy Kills Sorrow
Length: 2:06
Release date: 2006
Artist: Ken Yates
Track: Huntsville
Album: Huntsville
Length: 3:14
Release date: 2016
Artist: Max MarshallMax Marshall
Track: Wellwishers
Album: Back Through the Meadows
Length: 3:44
Release date: 2016
Artist: The Undesirables
Track: Northern Girl
Album: Travelling Show
Length: 5:05
Release date: 2009
Artist: Lennie Gallant
Track: Northern Lights
Album: The Open Window
Length: 4:21
Release date: 2007
Artist: Joe Grass
Track: North Rim Song
Album: Joe Grass
Length: 3:14
Release date: 2004
Artist: Dala
Track: Northern Lights
Album: Everyone Is Someone
Length: 4:16
Release date: 2009
Artist: Blou featuring Mary Jane Lamond
Track: Reves
Album: ECMA – East Coast Style Roots
Length: 2:48
Release date: 2009
Artist: Alex Cuba
Track: If You Give Me Love
Album: Alex Cuba
Length: 3:40
Release date: 2007
Artist: Les Hay Babes
Track: Fil de Téléphone
Album: Mon Homesick Heart
Length: 3:28
Release date: 2014
Artist: Ron Hynes
Track: My Name is Nobody
Album: Ron Hynes
Length: 2:43
Release date: 2006
Artist: Mel Parsons (Feat Ron Sexsmith)
Track: Don’t Wait
Album: Drylands
Length: 3:44
Release date: 2015
Artist: Ron Sexsmith
Track: Cobblestone Runway / Grand Opera Lane
Length: 2:55
Release date: 2002
Artist: Richard Garvey
Track: Abound
Album: Where Fools Gather
Length: 1:49
Release date: 2015

Get Pumped for Summerfolk with The Lifers, Jake Feeney, and Tragedy Ann

This Sunday, July 31st The Heartwood Concert Hall will host an incredible line up of musicians to get you pumped up for the 41st Summerfolk Music Arts and Crafts festival.

Jake Feeney starts the night off and will pull you into each and every one of his songs, with his lyrical sincerity, modest charm and nonchalantly marvelous guitar work.

Following Jake, Tragedy Ann will share with you their blend of silk-like harmonies and trembling blues grit, leaving you with a blissful yearning for something you never knew you wanted.

To cap off the night The Lifers will make your heart melt and your teeth show, with their unparalleled stage presence, beautiful lyricism, and harmonies that could only come from the Cazzola Sisters themselves.

Come give your ears what they want and the rhythmic bones in your body their weekly dance fix.

The show starts at 7:00 pm.

See you there.





Wanted: Artistic Director’s Assistant


The Georgian Bay Folk Society (GBFS) is seeking applications for the position of Artistic Director’s Assistant. Applicants must be students returning to full time studies in the fall of 2016. The successful applicant will work under the direction of the Artistic Director and Promotions Coordinator to fulfill various duties including but not limited to:

• coordinating, collecting, and managing logistics and information related to performer orientation packages and accommodations
• liaising with performers, hospitality volunteers, and technical crews
• co-managing social media accounts and promotions
• distributing promotional materials
• other tasks as assigned within the GBFS office
• tasks as assigned at the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival

The successful applicant will:

• be highly motivated, organized, self-directed, and flexible
• be fully fluent and literate in English
• have a strong working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software
• be familiar with various social media platforms
• be comfortable working and communicating with volunteers, members of the public, and the GBFS team
• have a valid driver’s license
• be passionate about music
• work well in fast changing and busy environments

Preference will be given to applicants who:

• are bilingual
• have previous event coordination experience
• have graphic design experience
• have a vehicle

The Artistic Director’s Assistant position will run from June 29th – August 24th, 2016 working flexible hours that total to an average of 30hrs/week.

The Georgian Bay Folk Society is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage all interested applicants to submit resumes and cover letters electronically to with the subject line “Artistic Director’s Assistant Application” before June 6th. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.


Our Volunteers, Our Roots



The Georgian Bay Folk Society is honoured to celebrate the contributions of its many talented and generous volunteers. Without our partnership with over 700 dedicated community members our central annual event, the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival, simply could not go on.

That Summerfolk is flourishing and celebrating its 41st year is no small accident; the support the GBFS receives from this community  is the foundation for enduring success. Our volunteers are the necessary roots providing the foundation needed for growth, stability, and success in this organization and within the greater arts community as a whole.

There is great meaning in the GBFS logo of a tree sheltering and framing the backdrop of a lone artist plying his or her craft. It is well documented that healthy, strong communities are marked by  the nurturing, root-like effect of great volunteerism and the opportunities for social interaction and generosity that result.  Our “tree”  is only as strong as its “roots”.

Thank you to all who have given of your time, talent and resources. You have been ticket sellers, gate keepers, stage hands, food handlers, construction workers, artists, bookkeepers, bar staff, merchandise retailers,  children’s workers, security personnel – the list goes on and on and we do not want to miss anyone!

I joined the GBFS Board because I saw and felt this intangible, hard to describe, giving community at my first Summerfolk in 2014  You, the Folk Society volunteers, are the reason we are successful. Thank you, thank you.

We look forward to working with you again in 2016.

Nancy Mathies,
Volunteer Services Committee Chair
GBFS Board of Directors

David Bowie Tribute May 7th

Bowie 8x11(A) 2


The GBFS presents an evening celebrating the work of David Bowie.

With Favourites

The Krueger Band

Drew McIvor

Sons of Perry

Ben Turcotte and Andrew Nunno

Deanne Hallman w/ Paul Danard

and Rob Elder

Tickets are $25 and are available at the GBFS office, online,

by phoning 519-371-2995



December 12/13 Work Bees

Hello Folkie Friends,

We’ve got to move the Summerfolk materials to a new storage location and we need your help. The new storage unit is nearby but we’ll need lots of arms and legs to move everything over.

Gary Brubacher and Mike Varsava are organizing work bees on Saturday December 12 and Sunday the 13th. If you can help anytime on those days please contact Gary at 519-379-3466 or the GBFS office at 519-371-2995 and  to sign up and get more information.

We’ll meet at 7am on the 12th on the east side of the Good Year plant in Owen Sound at  32nd St East around the large electrical transformer.

Tell your friends.
Bring your friends.
Many hands make light work.

Sign up to help!

Sign up to help!

Fiddlefern Country Dance Dec 5

Come dancing on Saturday, December 5!!

The Fiddlefern Country Dancers are hosting the regular monthly dance on Saturday night, December 5, 2015. For anyone who likes to dance. Beginners welcome. No partner needed. Bring your family and friends.

Scatter the Cats will be providing live music and Kate McLaren will lead dancers through the steps for contra and square dancing.  At St. George’s Church Hall,  1049 4th Ave. E. in Owen Sound.

Doors open at 7:30, warm up and orientation at 7:45, dancing from 8:00 until 11:00. $12 adults, $8 students, $5 children, $25 family.

Soft-soled shoes, comfortable clothing and no fragrances advised.  Please bring a water bottle.

James Keelaghan Returns as Artistic Director

After presenting the most successful Summerfolk in recent memory, the Georgian Bay Folk Society is planning for Summerfolk41, opening sales for the festival, and looking to the future. The GBFS is proud to announce that James Keelaghan will return as Summerfolk Artistic Director for the 2016 and 2017 festivals.

“I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to book Summerfolk for the next two years”, said Keelaghan.  “I look forward to building on the hard work that the whole organization has done for the past four years”. Keelaghan first joined the GBFS as Artistic Director in 2011. He brings extensive knowledge of the industry from a musical career that has spanned over 25 years, included many performances at Summerfolk, and earned him a Juno award.


Photo by Good Noise Photography

“We’re really happy with the job James has been doing”, said Phil Bye, Georgian Bay Folk Society President. “Audiences love the new ideas and vibe that he’s brought to the festival”.

News of Keelaghan’s return coincides with the launch of ticket sales for Summerfolk41, which will take place August 19-21, 2016. Summerfolk patrons can save $40 until December 31st by purchasing weekend passes at this year’s holiday sale price of $100. The GBFS is committed to presenting a festival for all ages and is continuing free admission for children 12 and under as well as discount pricing for students and seniors. “It’s important to us that young people and families have access to Summerfolk,” Bye said. “We’re planning so that Summerfolk will be going strong in another 40 years but that can only happen if young people get the chance to experience and fall in love with the music and the festival”.

The GBFs is gearing up for Summerfolk41 and Keelaghan is now accepting applications from potential performers. Artisan and food vendor applications will open in January 2016. For full ticket pricing and more information about the Georgian Bay Folk Society and the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival visit  or call the GBFS office at 519-371-2995

Fiddlefern Hosts Workshop and Dance

Fiddlefern is hosting a Quebec dance music workshop November 7.

One of Quebec’s most respected fiddlers and singers will be in Owen Sound with the rad-folk trio Mil on November 7. Claude Méthé, with guitarist Dana Whittle and flute and whistle player Denise Levac, will co-host an all-instruments Quebec dance repertoire workshop for area musicians.
• at the Harmony Centre
• runs from 1 to 4 p.m
• is open to all instruments
• cost is $25 to pre-register and $30 at the door that day

Deadline to pre-register is October 23. Pre-register for the workshop by e-mail to A potluck dinner at St. George’s church hall will follow the workshop.

If the workshop isn’t for you but you still feel like dancing then join the Fiddlefern Country Dancers for the regular monthly dance on the evening of the 7th. Beginners welcome. No partner needed. Bring your family and friends to St. George’s Church Hall, 1049 4th Ave. E. in Owen Sound.

Doors open at 7:30, warm up and orientation at 7:45, dancing from 8:00 until 11:00. $12 adults, $8 students, $ children, $25 family.

Soft-soled shoes, comfortable clothing and no fragrances advised. Please bring a water bottle.

More details are available at and at

About the Band:

Méthé, also a singer and prolific composer, is among the most influential Quebec fiddlers of his generation. His career began in the 1970s and 80s with Le Rêve du Diable, a group he co-founded and for which he received honours from the Québec National Assembly in 2012. Arguably Quebec’s first commercially successful trad band, Le Rêve du Diable was indirectly responsible for spawning and influencing many more to come.

Méthé’s solo album L’Amant confesseur was nominated for trad Canadian folk album of the year.

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Dana Whittle, originally from Vermont, has been a key contributor to the Quebec Trad music scene since the early 1990s. Flute and whistle player Denise Levac has been part of the bustling Lanaudière trad community for many years, both with her performances and her highly original compositions, often with a European or Celtic sensibility.

The three members of Mil are also part of the much-respected, five-piece Quebec grad-folk group Dentdelion.


Call for Artwork

Request for Expressions of Interest – The Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival is seeking an artist to create the artwork for our 2016 festival branding. This is a paid position to create artwork for our 2016 poster and to be adapted by our designers for all marketing channels, including website, merchandise, and print.

Please visit for more information about Summerfolk and its history.

Who can submit: 

Illustrators, painters, graphic artists, printmakers, photo artists/manipulators.  We want something original.

(Please, no conventional photography submissions; we aren’t planning a photo-based poster for 2016.)

Ways to submit:

  1. Email to:
  2. Or you can mail/drop-off your submission to the Georgian Bay Folk Society. We will not return submissions—please provide a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope), if you would like your work mailed back to you. (Folk Society’s office hours are 10am-5pm, Monday to Friday.)

What to submit:

– bio and/or artist statement;

– link to your online portfolio and/or up to 5 images of your work (if emailing, please ensure your email is less than 2.5MB total);

– a concept sketch, or discussion about possible direction or ideas for the 2016 artwork.

Do not send finished art or fully-developed concepts.  The artist will work with the Georgian Bay Folk Society and our designer to develop the final images.

Deadline for submissions: Submissions must have arrived in the office or in our email by Friday, November 13th, 2015:  5pm EST. 

Please note: only the selected artist will be contacted.

 Samples of previous posters are below


SF36 SF37 SF38 SF19 SF39 SF34 SF32 SF33

Summerfolk40 Survey

Hello Folkie Friends,

We’re uploading a copy of the 2015 Summerfolk Survey for those of you who didn’t get the chance to give feedback about the festival. The GBFS is dedicated to providing the best experience possible and your feedback will help us build on our strengths and make appropriate adjustments going forward.

2015 Program Survey

You can e-mail your responses to
We look forward to hearing from you.

Summerfolk40 Officially a Success

Digging Roots led a round dance in the Amphitheatre on Sunday night

Digging Roots led a round dance in the Amphitheatre on Sunday night

The Georgian Bay Folk Society (GBFS) is officially declaring the 40th anniversary Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival a success. The festival enjoys a glowing reputation among fans and performers for the beauty of its venue, quality of music, and laid-back friendly atmosphere.  Summerfolk40 lived up to the reputation  with sunny weather, a breathtaking line up, eye catching artisans, and fabulous food creating the positive vibe. This year, the festival welcomed 15,000 visitors on to the Kelso Beach site over the four day event. “We wanted the 40th anniversary to be special,” said GBFS president Phil Bye, “and I think we succeeded; I heard positive comments from performers, vendors, and patrons all weekend”.

“This is one for the books” agreed Artistic Director James Keelaghan who scheduled the 40+ acts for all seven Summerfolk stages. The festival line-up paid homage to the past and looked to the future, bringing back old favourites and introducing new performers.  For the first time in its 40 year history, Summerfolk expanded for a fourth night of music, opening early with a Thursday night Birthday Blues Bash featuring Matt Andersen. “Matt was one of the most popular artists when he played Summerfolk in 2012” said Keelaghan “,and he set the bar higher this year”.
David Essig returned forty years after playing the very first Summerfolk in 1976. Someone snapped a picture of him tuning his guitar at the inaugural festival and that photo served as the poster for two years and inspired the GBFS logo. American folk duo Trout Fishing in America first played Summerfolk in the late 80’s and have returned regularly since. During Trout Fishing in America’s main stage set on Saturday night bass player Keith Grimwood  told the crowd that Summerfolk always impresses him as a multi-generational festival.  He was preaching to the choir. The audience singing along under the stars in the Summerfolk amphitheatre was made up of those generations of Summerfolk fans.

Long time festival patrons often treat Summerfolk like a musical treasure hunt and try to discover impressive new acts. Those music lovers hit a gold mine at Summerfolk40 with acts like Donovan Woods, Jojo Worthington, and the award winning Claire Lynch Band. First time Summerfolk performer Joel Plaskett  wowed the mainstage audience on Friday night.  On Saturday morning he shared a workshop stage with the enigmatic Steve Poltz. Festival goers were talking about Poltz all weekend after what seemed like an impossibly energetic  main stage performance featuring his chart topping song-writing, gut busting impressions, and captivating stories. The Summerfolk Youth Discoveries winners – all under the age of 21 – made their festival debuts in the Down by the Bay tent and shared workshop stages with veteran performers throughout the weekend.

Artisan craft vendors lined the paths between Summerfolk stages with booths offering one of a kind work. The juried art show recognized Owen Sound based Outside Instruments with a people’s choice award for a cello made from a canning pot. Barrie based Ruby Diego Designs was recognized for a stunning dress and Rossbilt Tincan Banjos / Ukeleles won best booth.  The ribbon winners faced stiff competition from the other artisans displaying work including upcycled jewellery, puppets, pottery, and stone carvings among others.

The 40th anniversary is a significant milestone for Summerfolk and a special anniversary tent displayed memorabilia collected over the last four decades and offered birthday cake.  We paid considerable attention to Summerfolk’s legacy but the GBFS was also thinking about the organization’s future.  “We put a lot of effort and time into children’s programming” said GBFS President Phil Bye “because they’ll be the one’s bringing their kids in 30 years”. Bye himself has been involved with Summerfolk since the beginning.

The GBFS is a non-profit organization with roughly 700 volunteers who dedicated their time and talents to make Summerfolk40 happen.  With the last of the stages and equipment leaving Kelso Beach, it’s already time for the GBFS to begin thinking about Summerfolk41 which will run August 19-21th, 2016. The GBFS has created an endowment fund to ensure that Summerfolk and its other community programs continue for another 40 years. The fund has already surpassed $100,000 thanks to initial donor support and matching government funding.  More information about the GBFS, Summerfolk, and the Summerfolk Endowment Fund is available online at

A Map to Summerfolk40

By James Keelaghan

 Tonight, we are kicking off the festival with a Birthday Bash in the new Down by the Bay tent.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.00.26 AM

Monkey Junk will kick things off at 8 PM ,with Matt Andersen headlining at 9 PM. These are two powerhouse acts. MonkeyJunk plays a swampy, funky brand of blues. It’s the kind of music that turns your backbone to jelly. The riffs are little earworms played with the kind of precision that can only come from a close and longtime musical camaraderie.

Matt Andersen never ceases to amaze. He’s a powerful presence. When he digs in on his guitar, a hammer like right hand drives the song. The head is thrown back and the voice explosive. When he plays a ballad, it’s as gentle as a southern rain. What gives Matt Andersen his power is simplicity. Matt is one of the most requested artists by Summerfolk audiences and it’s fitting that he’s here to launch us on our next 40 years.

I’ve been in and out of Kelso Beech Park a lot this week. I am amazed, as always, at how quickly the park is transformed. The million and one details that make a festival happen are being tended to.  Tents have been going up, stages are being built. I walk around the site and imagine the things that are about to happen.

And there is a lot that is going to happen. Eighteen concert slots on the Amphitheatre stage. On Friday night, Montreal’s The Bombadils will start the music on the Amphitheatre stage. Over the next three nights, seventeen more acts will play that stage including-the infectiously poppy Joel Plaskett, the high, lonesome voice of Claire Lynch, the acoustic fusion of The Duhks and the dance rhythms of Delhi 2 Dublin.

The Duhks

The Duhks

On Friday, at the Down by the Bay stage, the entertainment picks up where Matt Andersen left off. Our busiest venue, 25 different workshops and concerts happen under its canvas for the weekend. Sessions like Sunday’s Groove Summit with Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar, The MacKenzie Blues Band and Whitehorse take jamming to a whole new level. The Lovelocks, who took the Boots and Hearts festival by storm, will play the stage twice, once in a session with local heroes, Sons of Perry and their own concert slot on Saturday Night.

As raucous as DBTB can be, the Wine Bar provides a remarkably intimate setting for a large festival. Its focus is more on fitness than flash, but it gives a rare chance to see a powerhouse band like Digging Roots in a near acoustic setting.

In between the DBTB and the Wine Bar, you’ll find 17 food vendors. There are a  lot of flavours there. You’ll also pass the Look up Theatre and Vita Twirlin Diva who are offering classes on the circus arts and the spinning arts. That is also where the Saturday night fire show is going to happen.

Forty-Eight handpicked Artisans line either side of the walkway down to the beach. This is the heart of the crafts in the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival. Jewellery, pottery, one of a kind clothing, were chosen from over 300 entries. Over the weekend, there is a juried show and people’s choice awards.

That’s just the north half of the park…

Starting at the main gate and heading south you can follow the Owen Sound Public Library’s storybook walk- a literary trail using a children’s story by Jill Barber, “Music is for Everyone”

Keep going past the wine bar,past the Anniversary and General Store tents to your left and you’ll come to the Gazebo stage. On Sunday, the workshop with Jojo Worthington, Shred Kelly and Steve Poltz is going to be catchy, yet surreal workshop. On Saturday afternoon, there’ll be a special kid’s concert on the Gazebo stage with Trout Fishing in America and our own Dickie Bird (Richard Knectel).

At the end of the children’s concert , if you were a kid, you could visit the children’s village. That’s where they will be decorating the 32 foot long dragon that leads the Kid’s parade. You could also try some of the amazing things that Elephant Thoughts brings our way—reptiles and giant bubbles to name a couple.

Rejoin your elder unit at Todd’s Musical petting zoo. Todd Crowley visits us yearly from Ohio and brings a trailer load of over 200 instruments. They are there for the weekend, laid out and waiting for you to pick up and experiment.

Venture over the hill to our dance stage. You’ll find a large airy tent, a beautiful dance floor and all sorts of opportunities to learn, contra, clog step and more-and yes we, have some free-style dance as well. The jewel of the stage, though, is the Saturday Night Contra Dance with our Summerfolk All-Stars—a pick up band with some of the best traditional musicians on the planet.

I finish my walk and I’m even more in awe of the hard work of the hundreds of volunteers now swarming the site. They’ve been working for a year to get it ready for you.

Heck, we’re already working on Summerfolk 41!

You can find out all you need to know about Summerfolk at our website Links for tickets, performer bios and schedules can all be found there. I hope we’ll see you there.


Summerfolk 40 Photo Contest

We’re holding a photography contest in honour of Summerfolk 40. The Georgian Bay Folk Society logo was inspired by the image of David Essig tuning up under a tree on the shore at the first Summerfolk. We challenge you to take a photo inspired by the logo, send it to us with “contest” and “Your Name” in the subject line, and we’ll post it on our Facebook page. The three contest photos that collect the most ‘likes’ between June 16th and 30th will receive a prize.
Have some fun and be creative!

Photos must contain:
-at least one (1) person with instrument(s)
– a tree

1st Prize: 2 tickets to the Summerfolk Birthday Blues Bash on August 20th at Kelso Beach

2nd Prize: A Summerfolk 2015 t-shirt and 40th anniversary travel mug

3rd Prize: A Summerfolk 40th anniversary travel mug

Complete contest rules below.

2013 GBFS Logo


  1. The “Social Media Contest” (the “Contest”), operated by The Georgian Bay Folk Society on Facebook, will run during the time period specified on the “Social Media Contest” and end on June 30th, 2015. In order to participate in the “Contest”, entrants must fully comply with all the “Social Media Contest” rules contained herein.
  2. To enter the “Contest”, e-mail a qualifying photograph to in June 2015 with “Contest” and “Your Name” in the subject line.
  3. To Qualify, all photographs must contain at least one (1) musician with instrument(s) under a tree and with visible water.
  4. Photographs will be posted on the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Facebook page beginning June 16th.
  5. The prizes will be awarded to the contestants who submitted the photos with the highest number of “likes” as of June 30th at 5pm EDT.
  6. Limit of 1 entry per person.
  7. Contestants must own all rights to the works submitted and are solely responsible for obtaining model releases, when applicable. As such, Contestants hold the Georgian Bay Folk Society and Contest sponsors harmless from any breech of copyright in Canada, the United States and elsewhere and from consequential litigation. The Contestants retain ownership to submitted photographs, however,The Georgian Bay Folk Society will gain the right to feature winning photographs for promotional purposes through both and Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival social media accounts.
  8. The Georgian Bay Folk Society reserves the right to disqualify entries that it considers offensive.
  9. Participants under the age of 19 will require parental consent to claim a prize.
  10. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
  11. The contest is open to all residents of Canada and the United States. Excluded from the contest are all employees, agents and representatives of the Contest organizer (Georgian Bay Folk Society) as well as members of their immediate family (brothers, sisters, children, father, mother), their legal or common law spouse, and anyone domiciled with these employees, representatives and agents.
  12. By submitting a photograph to the ‘Contest’, contestants agree to all contest terms included herein.
  13. An employee of the Georgian Bay Folk Society will contact the winners as soon as reasonably possible to arrange delivery of the prizes.



Fiddlefern Hosts CDSS event all this week in Owen Sound

Fiddlefern has been hosting weekly sessions for the past few months for those interested in playing traditional and dance music.

When the tune sessions and musician workshops were conceived, our intent was not only to introduce traditional tune playing to a wider audience and to encourage musicians to think about playing for contra dances, but to take advantage of a fabulous opportunity next week – that being the Country Dance and Song Society’s Centennial Tour Stop in Owen Sound!

Visiting musicians from 4 of the best contra dance bands in the USA will be around for 6 days and offering a number of opportunities for tune players to learn to shape traditional tunes for dance and learn some new ones, as well as the opportunity to dance – which invariably results in better playing for dances!!

We hope you have or will register for the weekend – a bargain at $70!!! This gives you the opportunity to attend musicians’ workshops on Saturday and Sunday and all dances during the day and evening.  We also have events during the week…..


Tuesday night, April 28 – Please come out and give our visitors a hearty Owen Sound welcome – potluck at 6:00, a short concert by the touring musicians around 7:20, a short dance around 7:45 and a short tune session around 8:30  – all FREE!!!  (St. George’s Anglican Church Parish Hall)

Remember – no tune session at Harmony Centre on Tues. Apr. 28.

Wednesday night, April 29 – Musicians’ Workshop with visiting musicians – 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. – cost: $5 minimum donation  (St. George’s Anglican Church Parish Hall).

If you do not purchase a weekend passport and wish to attend the musicians’ workshops:

Saturday morning, May 2  – Musicians’ Workshop with visiting musicians – 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. cost: $20, includes musician and dancing workshops during the day ( St. George’s Anglican Church Sanctuary)

Sunday, May 3 – Musicians’ Workshop – Pulling it all together – with callers and dancers  11:30 – 1:00  – Cost: $10 includes the Farewell Dance from 1:30 – 3:00where you just might be playing and dancing!!

On behalf of Fiddlefern Country Dancers,  we really hope to see you there!!

Alysha Brilla Warmed a Windy April Night

Alysha at MicAlysha Brilla brought a taste of the Summerfolk spirit to the Roxy stage on a blustery April night. The Georgian Bay Folk Society partnered with the Roxy Theatre to bring Alysha and her band back to Owen Sound 7 months after they rocked the stages of Summerfolk 39. With a full band behind her and an enthusiastic audience in front, Alysha raised the temperature in the theatre with heartfelt love songs, powerful political messages, and irresistible grooves.

When Alysha plays she invites the audience to participate, literally. Before the concert a four year old fan had the chance to meet Alysha and – to her surprise – recited an entire verse from one of her songs. Halfway through the first set, Alysha invited her youngest fan up on to the stage to perform that part of the song with her. Hearts melted. By the end of the second set all barriers were down, audience members were dancing in the aisles, and Alysha pulled over a dozen people up on to the stage for one final dance party. Even band members took turns setting aside their instruments to move their bodies alongside the elevated audience. One of the great truths of music is that busting a move can bring people together.

Alysha and the band gave three collective bows before leaving the stage but the crowd didn’t let them get away easily. On their feet in the seats, the audience’s standing ovation morphed into a steady chant of “Brilla, Brilla, Brilla” while the band huddled in the wings deciding on the encore.

When the house lights came up for the final time and the last ringing notes were fading in the theatre, fans gathered around the merchandise table to meet Alysha, collect autographs from the band, and buy Juno-nominated albums  to take home. Summerfolk may be four months away but watching the audience make their way to the street at the end of the night  you wouldn’t have known it. They left with the smiles and certain bouncy step that best characterize Kelso Beach on the third weekend in August.
Alysha and horn section
Alysha and crowd dancing onstage
Special thanks to John Fearnall and  Good Noise Photography for the images.

$37,000 Boost to Summerfolk Endowment

CFGB_LogoGeorgian Bay Folk Society  in partnership with the Community Foundation of Grey Bruce is thrilled to announce that its application to the Federal Government’s Endowment Incentive Program was successful. Heritage Canada has contributed $37,000 in matched funding to the Summerfolk Endowment Fund held by Georgian Bay Folk Society.

“The Georgian Bay Folk Society is pleased to have the opportunity to grow its endowment through the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Cultural Investment Fund via an application submitted by Community Foundation Grey Bruce. This three-way partnership will ensure that this community remains a vibrant hub for music and the performing arts through the annual Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival and its additional roster of year-round arts presentations” says GBFS President, Phil Bye.

“I was excited to discover that this matched funding initiative could benefit a number of Grey Bruce performing arts organizations through this dollar-to-dollar Federal matching up to 20 million dollars. The Georgian Bay Folk Society is the first arts presenter to have pursued this funding incentive, which has come at a pivotal time when GBFS is proactively planning for their future. We are thrilled for their success and look forward to working with other regional arts presenters to take maximum advantage of this matching program. When you consider that our Foundation’s own matched fund initiative can also be utilized to create or grow funds, the potential impact for local arts presenters is massive” said Foundation Executive director Aly Boltman.

Georgian Bay Folk Society’s Summerfolk Endowment Committee, led by Don Miller and Les Weirmier, has been working diligently over the past year to seek pledges and donations from Summerfolk supporters. Its initial objective was to build a base of $100,000 in the endowed fund. The recent matched contribution from Canadian Heritage has allowed the Society to reach this initial goal, and inspire them to grow an even larger fund. The annual distributions of revenue through this growing endowment will be used by the organization where it is most needed and contribute to its long term sustainability.

Community Foundation Grey Bruce, a public charity, generates long-term sustainable resources through donation for the creation or growth of endowed funds. The earned revenue from the pooled, invested funds is granted to qualified not-for-profit organizations throughout Grey Bruce, supporting the widest range of organizations and initiatives possible through community giving.

For more information about Community Foundation Grey Bruce, Georgian Bay Folk Society’s Summerfolk Endowed fund or the Endowment Incentive Program offered by Heritage Canada, please contact the Foundation.

Announcing Youth Discovery Winners

The Georgian Bay Folk Society is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 Youth Discovery Showcase series. As part of our on-going work to promote and support the folks arts, the Georgian Bay folk Society has reserved a handful of spots on the Summerfolk stage for performers under the age of 21 every year since 2007.  This year, Braden Phelan, Chicks with Picks, Darrin Baldwin, and Paige Warner added their names to the roster of the 40th Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival.
Our winners advanced through two rounds of judged performances to earn a spot on the Summerfolk stage. On March 29th, they performed alongside 7 other acts in the finals at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound. It was a sunny day and light spilled in through the ornate windows on to more than 80 people who had come to support the young musicians and to see a good show. they were not disappointed. The sunlight was brilliant but the musicians really lit up the room. One after another, the finalists impressed the crowd with musical offerings as varied as the Summerfolk line-up they were trying to join. We saw solo singer-songwriters, instrumental guitar, theatrical piano ballads, and a rocking four piece band. While the judges (Tara MacKenzie, Richard Knetchel, and Adam Crossman) deliberated, the performers took the stage in a collective jam session to cover contemporary pop songs and bonfire classics with the audience clapping and singing a long. We’ve been told that folk music is the music that we play together and these performers added more evidence to that idea.

Congratulations to the winners; we’re looking forward to seeing you at the festival in August. And thank you to all of the Youth Discovery participants; we hope to see you on stages near and far in the future.


Moving Down the Road to Summerfolk

Youth discovery OS
We’re speeding down the Road to Summerfolk and getting closer all the time. On March 15th, 13 youth acts joined a panel of judges, members of the Georgian Bay Folk Society Board, and music lovers from the community at the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library. The acts did their best to impress the judges and audience with their catchiest tunes and finest licks. It was fantastic. They performed covers and originals that bounced between genres, had the audience to singing along in multi-part harmony, and wowed the judges.  Throughout the afternoon instruments were shuffled as guitars gave way to banjos, drum kits made way for melodicas, and voices filled the auditorium to tickle eardrums and get toes tapping. Home town performers mixed with new friends from as far away as Ajax and everyone circled up for a jam while the judges deliberated.

At the end of the day, six acts earned a spot at the Youth Discovery Finale March 29th at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound. Grace Watson, Sydney Riley, Limberlost, Kyle Fraser, Chicks with Picks, and Max Gauthier advanced from the Owen Sound preliminary. They will share the stage with Meline Hanke, Paige Warner, Sarah Menary, and Braden Phelan who moved on from the March 8th Paisley preliminary.

The Georgian Bay Folk Society exists to promote and encourage folk music and folk arts. The Road to Summerfolk is another way we pursue that mandate and when so many talented young performers show up to take the stage, it’s easy to remember why we do what we do. Don’t take our word for it, though. Join us at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound at 1pm on March 29th to experience the talent first hand and see for yourself. You’ll be among the first to know which of these talented young performers earn a spot on the Summerfolk stage this August. And maybe, when they’re headlining Summerfolk in 10 years you’ll be able to tell your friends you saw them earn their big break.

Marching to the Monthly Open Mic

We’re getting to the end of another month and that means it’s time to gather at the Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library for another musical workshop and open mic on Wednesday the 25th. Every month the Georgian Bay Folk Society partners with the Library to give folks the chance to hone their skills, share their talents, and meet their musical community.

Local musical fixture, Larry Jensen will lead a songwriter’s circle from 6-7pm. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re trying to write your first song or polish off your 100th. Collaboration helps us grow so come out early and give it a try. Just look at what it did for Lennon/McCartney.

Dave Hawkins hosts the aptly named Open Mic. We’ll have stage time available for anyone who wants to share. Last month we had everything from an auto-harp led band to a classic country and blues duo. Come share whatever you’ve got to bring, whether you play, or dance, or sing.

Open Mic

Summerfolk -Festival of the year at the Owen Sound Cultural Awards

We are honoured to be the recipient of The Owen Sound Cultural Award for Best Festival of 2015. Congratulations to the Board and to all our volunteers who make this festival such an outstanding event. Our heartiest congratulations to the other winners and especially to John Barnum for a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. The arts are strong in Owen Sound.




Sun Times 08022014 Why We Folk

The only thing that keeps me going in the winter is the thought of summer. There used to be a time when I embraced winter, but that time is long gone. It was Winnipeg’s fault. No winter anywhere gives you bragging rights like a Winnipeg winter, and I have 10 of them under my belt.

From November to April this year, it was like Winnipeg had set up an Ontario branch office.  The only thing that kept me from snapping was the thought of Summerfolk.

I was putting the finishing touches on the line up for the festival. The space heater was desperately trying to keep my backyard office warm. I was trying to keep focused on the fact that at some point the weather would be warm again. There was going to be a time when we would be able to be outdoors without 15 layers of clothes.

I imagined myself in the Down by the Bay Tent with a bag of kettle corn, a glass of beer and some Mexican music.

I thought about strolling between the artisan’s booths, wondering what treasure my family would buy this year.

I wondered what crafts my boys were going to show off on the Sunday, having my morning coffee while listening to great songs and great players.

That’s what got me through the winter.




It is only two weeks until the festival and my anticipation is getting even keener. Back in the winter all the performers were discreet individuals. Now they are grouped in workshops, arranged in concerts.The schedule is finished  and I wonder how the workshop combinations are going to unfold.

The beauty of a folk festival is, it is more than the sum of it’s parts. The combinations of musicians and themes bring out unexpected energies. As an audience member the excitement is knowing that what you are seeing and hearing is truly unique. It will only happen that one time-in the here and now.

I’ve put the musicians together on paper, but it’s the musicians themselves that will make the magic happen.

Nothing prepared me for the explosive energy of last year’s workshop with Coco Love Alcorn, Ian Sherwood, Alex Cuba and Cècille Doo Kinguè. I know there will be workshops as great as that this year, but it’s all a bit of a surprise.

I think that’s part of why people want to be at festivals. They want to be in the right place at the right time. They want to be able to turn to a friend and say, “ Do you remember when…”

An event like Summerfolk lets us know that we can gather in our thousands to enjoy each others company and celebrate what makes us human.

Every now and again it is a great idea to turn off the news, put away the paper, turn off the radio and listen to music in real time, to share an experience that isn’t mediated by facebook, or instagram. Festivals are a social network come to life-your 3000 friends and you sharing a moment together.

All this happens because over 700 people volunteer to make it happen.They build stages, put up tents, shuttle performers and run sound stages. They contribute over 10,000 hours of labour to make the weekend happen.

For  almost two generations, people have been gathering at Kelso Beach Park on the 3rd weekend of August to celebrate what we know to be true-music makes the world a better place.

It makes our lives richer, tells stories,makes us move and moves us. We know that a weekend listening to music, even in the rain (if it comes to that), is better than driving Hwy 6 in January.




On behalf of the volunteers, the board and staff of the Georgian Bay Folk Society, I’d like invite you to join us at Summerfolk 39. Summerfolk happens August 15, 16 and 17th. Information on performers, artisans, food vendors, kid’s crafts area and tickets can be found at or by calling us a 519-371-2995. If you want to experience Summerfolk from the inside, we are still looking for a few volunteers.

T-shirt Give-away

The winners of the this year’s Youth discoveries

The judges have come to a decision.

The winners of this years youth discoveries are Andrew Nunno, Smith Magenis, Mackenzie McRuer, Beckah Hawker and Missy Bauman andBenjamin Rogers

These performers will have a spot at this year’s Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival. They will aso receive certificates for an appearance on Rogers TV.

We would like to express our pride in all the contestants over the past few weeks.

We would also like to thank Bruce Power, The Dock, The OAC and Heritage Canada for their support of the Youth Discoveries program.

Thanks as well to our GBFS connections committee- Ruth Parsons, Tara MacKenzie, Coco Love Alcorn, Roxane Davidson, Steve Kenny and David Moss Cornet.


Big thanks to Steve Kenny for doing the sound.

Thanks also to our judges, Coco Love Alcorn, Jade McMeekin, Charlie Glasspool, Liz Scott, and David Sereda.

See you at Summerfolk



This year’s finalists at the harmony centre!

Youth Discovery Finals

20130818-2291 - Version 2The Youth Discoveries finals are a go at the Harmony Centre, 890 4th Ave. East in Owen Sound on March 30th at 130 PM. The finalists are:

Benjamin Rogers, MacKenzie McRuer, Jack Darby, Leah Mathies, Rebekah Hawker and Missy Bauman, Lauren Poetker, Smith Magenis, Greg Smith, Amy Tourlousse, Andrew Nunno, Racquel Hardy, Emma Wright

Be there to see who is on the road to Summerfolk!

It’s warming up, really

wordmark_2014It’s been a little bit like hibernation. Okay, it’s been a lot like hibernation. The days are getting longer, the clocks are about to spring forward. We’ve got a lot on our plate for the next few months, but it’s time to start letting you see what’s in store for Summerfolk. We’ll be adding names to the performer’s page for the whole month of March, culminating in the addition of the Youth Discovery winners on March 30th.

Early Bird Tickets are on sale until March 31st

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Georgian Bay Folk Society takes place on Sunday March 16th from 10AM-Noon at the Harmony Centre, 890 4th ave east, Owen Sound, Ontario.

In order to vote, please get a voting membership no later than 5PM March 15.

We invite people to join our team as board members. Information and application forms can be obtained at the offices of the GBFS #201, 1101 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound Ontario.

Sun Times Article#5

This week’s article is on some of the performer’s providing Maritime Music at the festival.  Music for the Tall Ships

Ian Bell

Ian Bell

Fergus O'Byrne and Jim Payne


Fergus O’Byrne and Jim Payne




Matthew Byrne

Sounds at the Market June 9th

The final show of our great 5th season. It should be a doozy. SOUNDS just keeps growing stronger. We always provide some of the best musicians in the area, performing in an atmosphere they love, and we also toss in some unique samples of spoken word, and, with our open mic spots, a chance to get samples of your stuff heard, too. (Each spot is up to 5 min., approx. and we’ll get you up twice if we can. If you come out to every show, chances are, just as an open micer, you would get 40 minutes over the whole season… and that’s the equivalent to one set at a bar. Sounds at the Market Sunday June 9 2–4:30 (Doors at 1::30) at the Farmers Market building

Underneath any great festival are great sponsors.
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