Élage Diouf

A sensational Senegalese soul-rocker–

Master percussionist, Senegalese born singer-songwriter and performer Elage Diouf settled in Canada in 1996, to pursue a musical career that is still growing today.

His music – a blend of pop, world, blues, folk and asiko – thrives at the artistic crossroad of artists like Carlinhos Brown, Peter Gabriel and Andres Cepeda. The musicality of the wolof language explains his singing mainly in his mother tongue.

Wholehearted in his artistic approach, charismatic, authentic and easygoing in his personal as well as his public life, people love him, and he clearly loves them back. His live performances are noticed thanks to his knack at inciting public participation by dancing, by singing, and by inviting people to come up on stage and dance with him. The warmth and remarkable quality of his voice, as well as his varied influences, make him a unique artist.



4:30pm – “World Beat” with Tri-Continental and Minor Empire (Down by the Bay)

9:05pm – “Where North Meets South” with Alysha Brilla and Vildá (Down by the Bay)

12:10am (Midnight) – “Midnight Special” (Down by the Bay)


12:00pm – “Get Your Dance On” (Down by the River)

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