Upcoming Events

Networking: the Art of the Jam

James Keelaghan

RESCHEDULED Sunday September 17th, 2017 @ SuiteSpots 1-3pm

Networking is essential for all business people and for musicians that means knowing how to play well with others. Juno Award winner and Summerfolk Artistic Director James Keelaghan will teach participants how to use a jam to build the musical relationships that can carry them to new audiences and regions. Bring your instrument and a few tunes or songs to share. *NOTE* Workshop leader James Keelaghan broke his leg so we're rescheduling this session to September 17th.

Music Biz Tune Up Conference

Industry experts and professional musicians

September 23rd, 2017, Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre, Owen Sound

We're hosting a one day intensive conference featuring 10 workshops during 5 time slots and covering everything from writing a music business plan and registering for rights, to legal and accounting advice, and recording 101. It'll be a full day so bring your notebooks, instruments, and friends. This $140 value conference is available for only $50 thanks to support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Music Ontario. Performers aged 24 and younger receive a 50% discount and are eligible for a travel bursary.

Past Events

The Musician's Checklist – *Free

James Keelaghan & Rosalyn Dennet

Sunday January 29th 2017, 1-3 PM

The Musician's Checklist -- hosted by veteran independent artist James Keelaghan ( a Juno Award winner and 4 time nominee, and Canadian Folk Music Award winner) and Independent artist and consultant with Music Canada and The Canadian Independent Music Association Rosalyn Dennet -- will introduce the series. Participating musicians will learn about 7 of the areas that will keep the wheels turning on their careers and be introduced to the upcoming workshops that dive deeply into each topic. Topics include registering for royalities, booking and contracts, grant writing and crowdfunding, digital marketing, performance, road survival, and networking.

The Paper Party: Royalties, Rights, & Registrations

Julia Train

Sunday February 26 2017

The music industry is constantly changing and so are the rights and responsibilities of professional artists. Knowing your rights and how to access them can open up new revenue streams. Understanding the publishing system is essential for every artist who wants to profit from their work. This workshop will outline your rights and equip you with the skills to access them, right on the spot. Julia will walk attendees through all the processes to ensure they have the tools to access both their rights and revenue streams. Attendees should come prepared with laptops and information on current releases and activity.

Booking & Contracts

Andrea Ramolo

Sunday April 2nd 2017, 1-3PM

The gig is often your main source of income but how do you get them? Andrea Ramolo is having a successful career. She has many perspectives to offer from her time as a DIY artist in the first 5-6 years of her career, to working with an agents, managers and record companies in the last few years. This component deals with the strategies and approaches for booking as independent artists. Do you need management, or can you manage? How do you audition an agent?

Diversifying Revenue Streams: Grant Writing 101

Janine Dunlop

Sunday April 23 2017, 1-3PM - CMHA Boardroom - 1024 2nd Ave East

Creating albums and planning tours are expensive undertakings. Finding alternative ways to fund your projects can help to get them off the ground more quickly. Janine Dunlop is a regional advisor for the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. She works as a local point of contact for Grey, Bruce and Dufferin Counties by delivering a wide range of programs, resources, information, planning support, workshops and grants to municipalities and community organizations. Janine will deliver her version of 'Grant Writing 101' and direct you to applicable granting agencies.

Online Promotion & Marketing

Tracy Fawcett & Simon Farla

Sunday May 28 2017 1-3PM

Participants will learn about industry standards and strategies to develop their online presence and eye-catching branding. Be prepared to show off your website and social media accounts to receive feedback and workshop ideas.

Performance Workshop

Rosalyn Dennett & Rob McLaren

Sunday June 25, 2017 1-3PM At The Bleeding Carrot

If you want to polish your performance skills and get feedback from professionals, then this workshop is for you. Rosalyn Dennett first established herself on the international folk scene through her role as one of the founding members of the highly acclaimed roots quartet Oh My Darling, with four award-nominated albums, headlining multiple international tours, and sold out shows across the country. Rob McLaren is a musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher based in Toronto. He is a member of Union Duke (unionduke.com) and The Barrel Boys (thebarrelboys.com) performing sold-out shows across Canada and the United States. Together they'll give general advice about the art of performance and give feedback on participant performances. Participants will be able to perform one song on a first come first served basis. Doors open at 12:45pm.

On the Road Survival Tips

Samantha Martin

Sunday July 16, 2017 SuiteSpots 1-3PM

Travel isn't easy, and for touring musicians everyday travel struggles come with the added pressure to perform at one's best every time they take to the stage. Five Time Maple Blues Award Nominee and Grey Bruce musical export Samantha Martin will share the tips and strategies that touring musicians use to keep themselves at the top of their game while on tour.