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Georgian Bay Roots 11

Georgian Bay Roots

With your host Jon Farmer

jonfarmerEvery Sunday on CFOS 560 from 4-5pm, Georgian Bay Roots shares some of the best music that’s made in and played in Grey and Bruce Counties with roots music from across Canada and around the world thrown into the mix. Host, Jon Farmer, brings a musician’s ear and the heart of a fan to the airwaves with stories about performers and news about upcoming shows and releases. Tune in to hear some of your favourite acts and new bands that you didn’t know you loved.

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Georgian Bay Roots is presented by the Georgian Bay Folk Society with the support the Ontario Trillium Foundation

EP 11 11/20/2016
Artist: The Duhks
Track: Lazy John
Album: Beyond the Blue
Length: 30
Release date: 2014
Artist: Matt AndeMatt Andersonrson
Track: Fired Up
Album: Coal Mining Blues
Length: 3:45
Release date: 2013
Artist: Scott Nolan
Track: Fire Up
Album: SilverHill
Length: 4:41
Release date: 2016
Artist: Jenn Grant
Track: Fireflies
Album: Echoes
Length: 4:01
Release date: 2009
Artist: The Barrel Boys
Track: Something To Do With Fireflies
Album: Early On
Length: 3:05
Release date: 2014
Artist: Sons of Perry
Track: Fireflies
Album: ?
Length: 2:55
Release date: ?
Artist: Lemon Bucket Orkestra
Track: Tomu Kosa
Album: Cheeky
Length: 3:52
Release date: 2011
Artist: Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Track: Whisky and Pine
Album: Whisky and Pine
Length: 4:49
Release date: 2016
Artist: Tragedy Ann
Track: Velcro
Album: Stumbling
Length: 2:32
Release date: 2016
Artist: Missy Bauman
Track: Her
Album: Her
Length: 3:39
Release date: 2016
Artist: Irish Mythen
Track: How Do You Love
Album: Irish Mythen
Length: 3:59
Release date: 2014
Artist: Leonard Cohen
Track: Tower of Song
Album: The Essential Leonard Cohen
Length: 5:37
Release date: 2002
Artist: Jeff Buckley
Track: Hellelujah
Album: GRace
Length: 6:53
Release date: 2004
Artist: the Once
Track: Anthem
Album: The Once
Length: 5:18
Release date: ?


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Deep Roots at Summerfolk

By James Keelaghan
The other day, I was doing research into Canadian folk festivals. Every now and again, I like to go old school on the fact finding. I went to my Canadian Encyclopedia. In the entry for folk festivals, 6 festivals are mentioned-Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Mariposa, Miramichi and…Summerfolk in Owen Sound. We’re even a little more prominent in the online version.


When the first Summerfolk debuted in 1976, I was 15 years old. I had never been to a folk festival. There wasn’t one in Calgary. We had a folk scene that was just beginning to take hold. There were house concerts at Lynn and Barry Luft’s place as well as Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy recording a television series at the local TV station, CFAC. There were plenty of clubs with acoustic music, but I was too young to frequent them because they served the demon alcohol.


Over here in Owen Sound, two brothers, Tim and John Harrison decided it was time for a festival. Out of thin air, with the help of friends and volunteers, they launched Summerfolk. It would take Calgary and Edmonton another 6 years to start festivals of their own.


I came to Summerfolk for the first time when I was 25. That was just shy of the 10th anniversary. I was the guitar player for a Scottish folk singer named Margaret Christl. It was the first time I had gigged east of Regina.


At the time, the festival at the time housed performers in a downtown hotel on 2nd Ave E. I have quizzed people about this, but there doesn’t seem to be agreement on what the hotel actually was. I distinctly remember there being a sign on the front that said St James, because a friend and I kept referring to the place as the St James Infirmary. There was a respectable motel attached to the back, but the hotel itself seemed like it might have been used as a squat. All the rooms were funkily decorated. There was an elevator that required an operator and a swimming pool that had been drained. I played a late night game of imaginary water polo in that pool with Odetta, Ron Casat and several others.


The hotel sessions at Summerfolk have always been legendary. I availed myself. I jammed hard on the Friday night with a group of people up in my 2nd floor room.


The next morning, when I arrived on site a woman, who I now know was Sandy Hogg pulled me aside and told me “her crew” had been singing my praises. She wanted to know who I was, precisely and she wanted to hear me sing.


I played the festival another eight times. I came to love it because it marked, in the sweetest way, the end of the summer touring. If you were lucky you started at Bumbershoot or Seattle Folklife in May, and ended up in August, right here beside Georgian Bay. I’ve always loved the fact that Summerfolk made it easy for musicians to play together. Since I took over as Artistic Director, I’ve made it my priority to keep that feel. There is, after all, a four-decade long tradition to uphold.


Since Summerfolk is turning 40, we are going to celebrate with a Birthday Bash!


The first Summerfolk opened on August 20, so the decision was made to crank up the site for Thursday August 20th this year. We are going to celebrate in style! There is a new tent for the Down By the Bay Stage. We’re going to raise the roof with 3 hours of outstanding music from Ottawa’s MonkeyJunk and New Brunswick’s Matt Andersen.


Matt Andersen

Matt Andersen

When Matt played the festival 4 years ago, he sold the most recordings of any solo artist in our history. Matt is real. He sings with his entire being. Since then, he has recorded a fantastic new album produced by Steve Berlin ( Los Lobos, Tragically Hip). He’s been keeping up a gruelling tour schedule, but wanted to be with us to celebrate our birthday!


He has over 2 million views on YouTube, platinum-sized independent cd sales, a 2013 European Blues Award, and won Best Solo Performer at the Memphis Blues Challenge. The entire world is now discovering what we at Summerfolk always knew-Matt Andersen is a powerhouse performer with a giant soul-filled voice and commanding stage presence. He has built a formidable following the old fashioned way–touring worldwide letting his reputation spread through word of mouth.


Also on the bill is MonkeyJunk. They are a powerhouse swamp rock R&B band with a fistful of awards and nominations. I’ve been trying to get these guys to the festival for a few years. It’s extra special that they will be making it for our 40th birthday.




You can buy your ticket to the Thursday Birthday Bash as a single night ticket or add it to your weekend pass. All the information you need is at  or on our facebook page


The Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival happens at Kelso beach in Owen Sound August 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2015.

*This article first appeared in the Owen Sound Sun Times on June 5th, 2015

The Birthday Bash – Because 40 Years is a Big Deal

matt_anderson_photo1webSUMMERFOLK is turning forty. The Georgian Bay Folk Society is throwing a party to celebrate and you are invited. The festival you know and love will start one day earlier in 2015 in honour of our 40th anniversary. This year, we’ll kick off with a Birthday Bash featuring Matt Andersen on Thursday, August 20th. We’ll break in our new Down by the Bay tent with a night of blues and brews with the gates opening at 7pm. But, we can’t do it by ourselves so we need help.

Matt Andersen is a JUNO-nominated blues powerhouse from New Brunswick, known for his soulful vocals and stellar guitar riffs. The last time Matt was at Summerfolk  he sold more CDs than any other act. Folks were eager to take his music home and the GBFS was eager to have him back. With over 2 million views on YouTube, independent sales over 30,000 albums, a 2013 European Blues Award, and winning Best Solo Performer at the Memphis Blues Challenge, it appears that the entire world is now discovering Matt Andersen. A powerhouse performer with a giant soul-filled voice and commanding stage presence, Matt has built a formidable following the old fashioned way – touring worldwide and letting the converted audiences and Andersen devotees spread his reputation through word of mouth.
Also on the bill, Ottawa blues juggernaut MonkeyJunk.They pile a mix of musical influences on to a solid bedrock of blues to put on a show that gets audiences moving. Since 2010, MonkeyJunk has brought home awards on both sides of the border including the 2010 Blues Music Award for Best New Artist, the 2012 Juno for Blues Album of the Year, and a 2014 Canadian Independent Music Award for Blues Artist/Group of the Year. 
You can turn your 3-day weekend pass into a 4-day musical adventure for just $35. If the Birthday Bash is all you want, tickets are $40 in advance and $45 at the door. We’ve got 40 years worth of memories and music to celebrate and we’ll need all the help we can get. Hope to see you there.



Sun Times Articles 2012 – part 6

James Keelaghan wrote a series of articles for the Owen Sound Sun Times last year as part of the lead up to Summerfolk.

July 5th – Andersen and Vishtèn

All the great parties are kitchen parties. The reason has to do with time and motion. The kitchen is where the food is. If you are in the kitchen you are not far from the beer. If you are playing tunes, you don’t want to be far from the snacks or the beer. That’s why I believe that kitchens are the essential transmitters of culture.

Vishtèn, Emmanuelle and Pastelle Leblanc and Pascal Miousse, is a band that’s a product of kitchen culture.
The twin sisters are from the Evangeline on PEI, Pascal is from the Magdalene Islands. They are part of an Acadian community that has managed to thrive despite the odds.

The Acadians found refuge on PVishtenPhotorince Edward Island after the 1755 deportations. There were over 4000 of them on the island in 1760 but by 1768 there were only a couple of hundred left. They fished out of small villages like Tracadie and Rustico. It was a hard life, but their culture survived. In their kitchens and living rooms one generation handed the music to the next.

Pascal, Emmanuelle and Pastelle play the kind of music that can only be created by people who have had music in their lives since birth. They grew up in households where fiddle music was commonplace. Their musical parents opened their home night after night to local and traveling players. Musical jams into the wee hours were a regular occurrence. They learned their craft from their parents and from local legends like Bertrand Deraspe and Louise Arsenault.

Step dancing led to piano training. Piano led to accordion, then to fiddles, guitars, whistles, jaw harps and a host of other instruments.  The step dancing circled back and became foot percussion.

They’ve taken all that heritage and training and distilled it into an exciting, haunting and evocative nectar. It has the pulse and the soul of L’Acadie. It lays the foundation for the next chapter in Acadian musical culture.


Last summer, I was lying in the grass at the Calgary Folk Festival listening to a blues workshop that my brother’s band was playing in. This is strange for two reasons.
First, it’s very rare that I am at music festival just hanging out.
Second, I’m very picky when it comes to the blues.
Reclining, as I was, I could hear the music, but couldn’t see the players. They were all good, but the fourth guy in the rotation was great. Really, really, great. I thought, “That guys got to be from Mississippi”


In fact, Matt Andersen is from Perth Andover, New Brunswick.

Matt is a a big hearted man. He has fingers like sausages that shouldn’t be able to play the way they do. He has a voice like a hurricane-a perfect storm of emotion and power.

Like Vishtèn’s, Matt’s childhood was full of music. His grandparents and parents played. No gathering was complete without fiddles and guitars.

He learned tuba and trumpet  but guitar playing and singing became his passion. While Matt studied studio engineering, he earned money playing in top 40 bands.

He might have been content playing in cover bands in New Brunswick but somewhere along the way the blues discovered him. Since then, the blues has been taking him on quite a trip.

In the past 18 moths he’s released his latest CD, toured on three continents and won a Juno award. At the Maple Blues Awards he won a stunning trifecta taking home hardware for all three of the categories he was nominated in-Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, and Acoustic Act of the Year.

He’s played with bands, but I like him best when he is solo. There is nothing to distract from his voice-from the purity of his high notes and the rumble of his lows. There is nothing to distract from his gutsy guitar playing.

Matt says he fell in love with the blues because of it’s honesty. He returns the favour by playing it honestly. That’s the most compelling thing about Matt’s music.
he sings it and plays it like he means it.

In every great kitchen party, when the fiddles and accordions take a break, there’s always a singer who can belt out a tune. Matt is that guy.

Summerfolk is glad to welcome Matt Andersen and Vishtèn to our kitchen party at Kelso Beach.

Summerfolk happens August 17, 18, 19

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