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The Georgian Bay Folk Society looks forward to welcoming all newcomers to the organization.  We are continually seeking new volunteers to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas within our community.  Meet new people, share ideas, collaborate with like minds, learn a new technique or just come and hang out in an open, comfortable andwelcoming atmosphere.


If you are interested in becoming part of our revitalized and ever-expanding organization, do not hesitate!  Volunteers are always welcome and greatly appreciated.  The Folk Society is growing and we would be more than happy if you joined us.

You can apply online here

If you are interested in volunteering this year, applications are still being accepted until 5pm – Wednesday, August 15th .    Register in person at the GBFS office in Owen Sound.

2018 Summerfolk/Marina Trailer Camping Registrations


* All spaces will be 20′ x 25′ –  room to park a trailer and one vehicle.
* Maximum 6 people allowed per trailer site.
* Each space comes with a key to access the Marina showers.
* There are NO TENTS permitted on this property.
This space is made available through a friendly-agreement with Georgian Shores Marina (All fees going to GSM).  Please be respectful of the rules and the space. 

To book your trailer space, click on the link below: @ https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/fwg2tn875LXfbk1

NO FEE CAMPING is still available on site for volunteers in tents and trailers , under 20 feet in length.


Here’s the complete list of volunteer positions at Summerfolk

ACCREDITATION –  Register all festival volunteers, VIPs, sponsors and put on their wristbands. Hand out media accreditation as needed. Refer unaccredited members of the media to the Crew Chief for Media Liaison Services. Liaise with the Hotel Hospitality crew and provide accreditation for performers and/or kin who did not pick up their accreditation at the Hotel. Maintain a list of any volunteers who do not show up for their shift. Work with Volunteer Services to prepare packages for crew chiefs to include meal tickets and T-shirts for their crew


APPRENTICE CREW –  Ages 14 -18 years of age Apprentices are scheduled to work on at least three different crews over the weekend. This allows the younger volunteers a chance to get a feel for the festival, meet some different individuals and become familiar with some of the volunteer roles available. New volunteers are paired up with experienced volunteers from the selected crew for guidance.

ARTISAN VILLAGE – Works with Artisan Village Coordinator to meet, greet and direct artisan vendors as they come on to the village site. Acts as host to the artisan vendors during village hours for general assistance and relief. All hours completed during the festival.

AUTOGRAPH TABLE –  Assist the performers at the Autograph Table. Maintain control over the line up at the table; provide shelter, pens and refreshments for the performers v) Immediately after the final shift on Sunday, remove the tent and supplies. Return tables and chairs to the Main Bar area and return any CD’s left to the General Store. Hours of operation are 11am – 6pm

BACKSTAGE CAFE –  Backstage Café volunteers maintain the café area and provide light snacks and beverages in the backstage area. The duties of this position may include: Set out light snack items, condiments, cups and plates as needed. Make coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Put available cold beverages on ice. Liaise with the Technical Co-ordinator to ensure that staging crews have eaten; if necessary deliver food to them. Keep Backstage café clean and tidy. Provide light meals and snacks for overnight security personnel

BACKSTAGE HOSPITALITY –  Welcome performers to the site as they arrive backstage. Keep the Green Room and change rooms tidy. Ensure water is provided in the change rooms. Provide security at the Green Room entrances and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the area. Answer the backstage phone and relay messages as needed. After the main stage concert ends on Sunday evening before leaving the site, clean and sweep the backstage area. Return any Lost and Found articles to the Administration trailer for transportation to the office. Return tables and chairs to the Main bar. Return the trailer key to the Administration Trailer.

BAR – Minimum age is 19 years of age.. All volunteers are required to have a SmartServe certificate. They will be pouring and serving all refreshments from the bar; accept cash and operate a cash register; monitor the crowd for problem patrons, crowd size and under aged drinkers. Clean the grounds and tables in the bar area; gather garbage, recyclable cups, etc. Provide assistance to Bar Coordinator when required.

BOX OFFICE – Process box office ticket sales on site Provide patrons with “will call” tickets provided by the approved ticket vendor Operate the cash register; make change as necessary. Provide the patron with the receipt/ from the cash register to give to the wristbander Operate POS terminals for debit and credit card transactions. Provide the patron with appropriate receipts Refer issues, concerns or special requests to the attention of the Admin Trailer.

CAFE OF THE SENSES – Volunteers in the Café act as hosts and maintain the area. The duties of this position include: keeping the Café area clean and tidy. Assist patrons as necessary with seating in the café area. Hours of operation for the café are: Friday 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. The entire Café of the Senses area is non-smoking.

CHILDREN’S AREA – Children’s Area volunteers assist children and their parents in carrying out activities in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The duties of this position include: Provide service assisting children and youth at the craft tables. Stock sufficient supplies on each table for the designated activity. Assist with set up in the morning and clean up after closing. Hours of operation for the Children’s Area: Saturday: 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

COMMERCIAL FOOD – Volunteers on the Commercial Food Crew provide direct assistance to food vendors. Their duties include: Provide accreditation for Food vendors and volunteers and put wristbands on for them. Provide vendors and volunteers with ID badges. Assist food vendors to restock their booths as needed. Register all food village volunteers for their shifts. Hours of operation for this crew are as follows: Friday 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 9:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday 9:00 p.m. to 8 p.m.

CONSTRUCTION – Construction Volunteers report directly to the Site Construction Coordinator. The duties of this position include: Be responsible for the preparation and installation of all staging and booths for the Festival. In accordance with the approved site plan, move materials from the storage area to specific locations around the festival site. Install perimeter fencing under the direction of the Site Construction Coordinator. Paint booths and staging as directed by the Site Construction Coordinator. During the festival weekend, repair and maintain booths, staging and fencing as necessary. After the festival, during tear down, assist with the dismantling and storage of construction materials and equipment.

CONSTRUCTION FOOD – Construction Food Volunteers deliver and serve food to the Construction and Electrical Crew volunteers. The duties of this position may include: With the direction of the crew chief, prepare lunch and supper meals Pick up donated meals from suppliers as arranged by the crew chief Deliver food to the construction site at noon and again at 5 o’clock each day during the construction and tear down process Set out the food in the backstage area. Ensure a volunteer notifies all working volunteers that their meal is ready After the meal, clean up the area and store any leftovers

DANCE STAGE – Greet performing artists backstage and confirm technical data; assist in technical setup on stage(s), when necessary. Assist in maintaining the set performance schedule.

ELECTRICAL – Electrical Services crew volunteers report directly to the Electrical Services Coordinator. The duties of this position include: Be responsible for the preparation and installation of all electrical systems for staging, security, food booths, etc. relating to the conduct of the Festival. In accordance with the approved site plan, move materials from the electrical trailer storage area to specific locations around the festival site. Install panels, wiring, and electrical equipment under the direction of the Electrical Services Coordinator. During the festival weekend, repair and maintain electrical services as necessary. After the festival, during tear down, assist with the dismantling and storage of electrical materials under the direction of the Electrical Coordinator.

FINANCE – Financial Services crews are responsible for the management of cash on the festival site. Process credit card slips and record the information as directed. Record information on the computerized festival ledger.

FIRST AID/CHILD REGISTRATION –  First Aid Services crew volunteers report directly to the First Aid Coordinator. The duties of this position include: Providing First Aid services for patrons, volunteers, staff and contractors on site. Under the direction of the Coordinator and in compliance with the Lost Children policy, assist in setting up the registration area and register children and parents at the festival.

GENERAL STORE – The duties of General Store volunteers shall include: Prior to the festival, set up the General Store area. Receive stock and set up displays and work areas within the tent. Sell Georgian Bay Folk Society and performer merchandise, including CDs . Operate the cash register; make change and provide receipt to the customer. Operate the POS terminals for debit and credit card purchases. Maintain the environment of the General Store, sweeping and keeping counters and tables clear of debris. Monitor customers in the General Store and advise the Crew Chief of any issues or problems. After the final shift on Sunday, tear down the General Store area. Remove all portable materials and clear the area of garbage or unused materials. On the Monday after the festival, return the shelving and all General Store materials to the Folk Society office. Re-install the shelving and put the materials in the appropriate storage locker.

GREENING – Liaise with Commercial Food vendors to assist in the removal of all compost is removed from the foodMonitors and ensures compliance at composting, recycling and non-recyclable waste stations. Empties composting receptacles for on-site disposal. Implement or assist with implementing, Greening initiatives within the GBFS and all events. village area.

HOMEMADE JAM STAGE – Greet performing artists backstage and confirm technical data; assist in technical setup on stage(s). Assist in maintaining the set performance schedule. Crew to choose one performer/group, who has appeared on the Homemade Jam stage, to be hired and appear at the following Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival. Maintain the Cafe of the Senses area.

HOTEL HOSPITALITY – Hotel Hospitality delivers packages of information and accreditation for the performers as they arrive, provides breakfast and light snacks for them at the hotel throughout the weekend and hosts a Sunday evening social event for performers and volunteers.

INFORMATION – Information Booth Volunteers report directly to the Crew Chief. The duties of this position include: Answer questions from the public about the program, the festival, the site and tourist facilities in the area Operate lost and found Sell programs, raffle tickets and other merchandise. Collect volunteer and audience survey forms and returned ID badges i) Hours of operation for the Information Booth: Friday: 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

INSTRUMENT LOCK UP – The duties of this position include: Take instruments from performers in exchange for a claim ticket Place instruments inside secure storage facility and provide security at the entrance to the lock-up. Return instruments to performers when claim ticket is produced Refer any complaints or concerns to the attention of the Instrument Lock-up Crew Chief.

INSTRUMENT SHUTTLE – Load instruments from Instrument Lock up into the Cart and push the cart to the designated stage. Assist the performers and/or stage crew to lift instruments from the cart to the stage. After the performance, assist performers and stage crew to with remove instruments from the stage. Move instruments and equipment back to the Lock up as needed. Assist performers carrying their instruments to and from their vehicles On request meet performer’s vehicles in the South Parking Lot to assist in delivering instruments and equipment to staging areas.

MASSAGE THERAPY –  Massage therapy volunteers must be certified masseuses.

MEDIA LIAISON – Meet members of the media as they arrive. If necessary provide a tour of the facilities and a description of the services we provide. Have media write their names and the organization they represent in the media relations book. Maintain a log of media requests for interviews and establish a schedule of formal interview times for performers, artisans, the President and Artistic Director. Contact the person(s) they wish to speak to or interview and arrange a mutually agreeable time and location. Confirm the arrangements with both parties. Where needed or requested, accompany the media around the site.

PARKING – Ensure safe traffic control and orderly on-site parking. Maintain the south and north entrances to make sure all vehicles entering have an authorized pass to the festival. Only those vehicles with parking passes will be allowed to park in the designated area. Volunteers are asked to rotate through the designated areas. Anyone parking in a handicapped zone, without a disabled sticker is to be asked to move or towed.

PAYROLL – Distribute payment to performers and contractors on site during the festival weekend. Contractors may include Sound and Light Technicians, Site and Electrical Coordinators and others. Using forms provided by the General Store Crew Chief, distribute payment to performers when they pick up their product.

PERFORMER SHUTTLE – Based on the schedule established by the crew chief, drive performers and their kin between the site and hotel. Continually check-in at the performer transportation table to see if performers need picking up or dropping off. Lift and carry equipment and instruments as needed. ix) After the final trip on Sunday evening, fill the tanks with gas, wash the vans if possible and return them to the supplier

RAFFLE –  Work with General Manger to acquire raffle prizes. Arrange advance and on-site sales of raffle tickets, advance and on-site display of prizes, draw, prize distribution. Coordinates crew schedule throughout festival for maximum ticket sales. Submit all raffle funds to the Finance trailer and the remaining tickets and unclaimed prizes to the Admin trailer, once the final draw has been completed Sunday at 9pm at the Amphitheatre stage.

SANITATION / TRASH – Keep festival grounds clean of garbage Empty garbage cans and recycling bins. On Saturday and Sunday mornings prior to gate opening, clean the Amphitheatre Restock supplies in the permanent bathroom on-site; and portables , if necessary. Deliver garbage bags and recycled materials to the dumpster/recycling bins in the north parking lot.

SECURITY – The main objective of the Security volunteers is the overall safety and security of the festival and its patrons.Security Volunteers will wear designated attire which will be provided by the Georgian Bay Folk Society. These uniforms will be worn at all times while on duty. This will enable all Security Volunteers to be easily identified by everyone. The specified uniforms will not be worn while off duty. Police are on site for problems involving rowdiness, alcohol, drugs, fighting etc. They are there for everyone’s benefit and safety.

 AMPHITHEATRE –  Amphitheatre security will work cooperatively with the       Front and South gate security to choreograph the seating arrangements in the amphitheatre. Each person waiting in the lineup can save a maximum of four seats in the amphitheatre. Security will be asked to do random aisle checks in the Amphitheatre throughout the festival to ensure a safe and secure environment for all patrons; as well as to provide information to patrons when requested. They will ensure that all aisles are clear in case of emergency.

BACKSTAGE –  Includes gate control and wrist band checks.

LICENSED AREA(S) –  Security Volunteers working at the licensed areas, “Down by the Bay Tent, Backstage Bar, Wine Bar”, are all required to have their Smart Serve Certification on file with the Georgian Bay Folk Society office and be 19 years of age. Volunteer duties may involve: gate control, wrist band checks, operating a cash register and/or POS machine, checking for appropriate ID for age of majority, maintaining the cleanliness of the licensed area by picking up garbage and recyclable cups, help anyone who may need assistance with a cab ride home and catching some excellent shows.

FRONT GATE –  Security personnel will assist patrons in the lineup procedure including gate control, wrist band checks . Patrons who attempt to butt into the line are asked to move to the back of the line. Hand out pre-entry line numbers, if required. Check all bags and coolers for alcohol or contraband prior to entry into the festival.

 SOUTH GATE – Including gate control and wrist band checks; check all bags and coolers for alcohol or contraband prior to entry into the festival.

WATERGATE – Including gate control and wrist band checks; check all bags and coolers for alcohol or contraband prior to entry into the festival.

NORTH GATE /VOLUNTEER CAMPING – Maintain gate control and complete wrist band checks. North Gate shall not be used for public access. This is the service entrance for food vendors, deliveries, volunteers and emergency vehicles, if needed.

  • Register all campers, with the Camping Security Crew, as they enter the campground. Make sure all ‘guests’ are registered and accompanied by a volunteer, before entering the campground and all volunteers under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult guardian, who is also a Summerfolk Volunteer. Assist all campers to their registered camp site and make sure they abide by the ‘SF Campground’ policies. Check for entrance and exit gates to campground throughout festival.

SHARING CIRCLE–  Prepare area and encourage others to present their spoken word piece to the crowd. Greet performing artists backstage and confirm technical data; assist in technical setup on stage(s). Assist in maintaining the set performance schedule.

STAGING – Assist the Artistic Director and Technical Director(s) in producing concerts and workshops during the day and evening of the festival Co-ordinate main stage activities between the Artistic Director, Technical Director, Stage Crew Co-ordinator, evening hosts and performers Greet performing artists backstage and confirm technical data; assist in technical setup on stage(s) Assist in maintaining the set performance schedule

VOLUNTEER SERVICES – To assist with Thursday Night accreditation on site, receiving memberships and dues and assisting in the preparation of the Volunteer Appreciation Party that follows. Most volunteer hours are required before the festival