Youth Discoveries

The Road To Summerfolk

An amazing opportunity for youth to be heard and seen by an international crowd.

Am I Eligible For Youth Discoveries?

Can you answer “YES!” to these questions??

What is youth discoveries?

The Youth Discoveries Program was created to give musicians between the ages of 14- 22 the experience of playing a major folk festival. It also helps to foster a sense of community amongst the up and coming!

Each performer/group has 12-15 minutes to highlight the following:
• Songwriting/compositional originality or repertoire choice/musical proficiency
• Musical ability – including lyrical content
• On-Stage presence
• Interaction with the audience

Winners from preliminary rounds advance to the Discoveries Finale showcase in Owen Sound.
Judges’ feedback regarding your performance will be available should you be interested.
Up to five acts are selected from the Finale Showcase to perform at the Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival…


What more could there be? Well, tons more! Take a look at this list of goodies we’ve cooked up for the Finale Winners!