August 16th – 18th, 2024


It’s time for the finals of the Youth Discoveries showcases. Starting at 1 pm on Sunday the  29th , 11 acts will appear before 3 judges and we will find out whose road will  lead to the Youth Discoveries stage at Summerfolk.


The order of appearance:

The order of performance as selected by random draw is as follows:

  1. Max Gauthier
  2. Sydney Riley
  3. Kyle Fraser
  4. Grace Watson
  5. Braden Phelan
  6. Limberlost


  1. Meline Hanke
  2. Chicks with Picks
  3. Sarah Menary
  4. Darrin Baldwin
  5. Paige Warner

Good luck to all. Stay tuned for results!

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  1. I’m sure it will be fun and exciting, and it’s a darn good way to get to know a bit about some of the up and coming talent in this and some neighbouring areas. … and that Summerfolk spirit couldn’t come soon enough after this winter. It will start me dreaming about the big show when all the major talent rolls into our city for three magic days.

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