August 16th – 18th, 2024


Thursday ~ 7pm – music from 8 – 11pm

Friday ~ 4:30 pm – music from 6pm – 1 am

Saturday ~ 10:30 am – music from 11:00am – 1:00 am

Sunday ~ 10:00 am – music from 10:30 am – 11:00 pm


TICKETS:   Tickets are non-refundable. The festival goes on rain or shine.  Tickets can be purchased in advance through Ticketpro by calling 1-888-655-9090 or online at or by contacting the GBFS office in person or by calling 519-371-2995.  The on-site ticket booth will open starting at 7:00 pm on the Thursday and at 4:30pm on the Friday of the festival.

Tickets for evening concerts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday go on sale at 8:00 pm on the evening of the concert; only if there is space available.  There are no advance sales on evening concert tickets. 

WHAT TO BRING:  Suitable clothing for a range of temperatures.  Temperatures range from hot August days to cool and cold nights.  Definitely bring rain gear, as umbrellas are not permitted in the Amphitheatre because they block the view of other patrons.  You may bring your own food; there are picnic tables throughout the park. There is an extensive food court with over a dozen food vendors offering a variety of food options vegetarian.

ENTERING THE SITE:  Volunteers from the Security and Front Gate crews are present to ensure an easy and safe entrance for everyone.  Line ups form early.  The gate line up will be 2 people wide.  For those who wish to go directly to the Amphitheatre when the gate opens to set up seating for the evening concerts, groups of 30 patrons at a time will be escorted to the entrance of the theatre.  There will be no running.  Runners will be escorted to the end of the line.  Patrons are asked to remain at their selected seat in the Amphitheatre until the opening line has cleared.

AMPHITHEATRE SEATING POLICY:  One person can save seating space for a maximum of 4 people in the Amphitheatre.  Lawn chairs are permitted but must be single seat, standard size only.  No gravity chairs, high backs, combination cooler/chairs, chairs with extending foot rests, leg rests or canopies allowed. Tarps 5’ x 7’ may be used to save up to 4 spaces, however, in the tiered section they must be confined to one level.  Aisles in the Amphitheatre must be kept clear of chairs; coolers and bags must be stored under chairs.

SPECIAL NEEDS:  There is a designated wheelchair and special needs seating area at the north-east side of the Amphitheatre stage right.  There are 10 ‘Handicapped’ parking spaces beside the main front gate entrance.  You must have a government issued permit displayed on the vehicle in order to use these spaces.  Individuals who do not have a parking permit may drop off their passengers at the main gate and then find a parking spot.  There are paved pathways in the park, as well as gravel and grass paths.  The paved pathways reach to the Food Court, Artisans Village, the licensed area and Amphitheatre stage.  There is a grass pathway from the licensed stage area to the General Store and First Nations Village.  Stages are not signed but we offer several Braille programs.  There are wheelchair accessible Port-a-potties located throughout the park.

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: Festival goers are prohibited from bringing alcohol or drugs onto the festival site.  Festival Security has the right to search containers and confiscate any prohibited materials.  There are licensed areas on site.

PETS: Not allowed on the site with the exception of service animals which must be properly harnessed.

BICYCLES: We provide a secure bicycle corral however bikes are not permitted onto the festival site.  Bile racks are provided at all gates.

SMOKING: There is no smoking in the Amphitheatre during concerts, in the Children’s Area and in the Cafe of the Senses.  The entire licensed (Down By the Bay tent and Backstage Bar) areas are smoke free as well.

LOST KIDS/PARENTS: Children may be registered free of charge at the First Aid Trailer.  Children and adults will have a corresponding number written on their wristbands.  If there was no admission charge for a child, a wristband will be given at the time.  If a child is lost, Security crews are notified and a volunteer will stay with the child and take them to the First Aid/Lost Kids area.  The identification number only will be broadcast from the stages to inform the adults.  If the child has not been registered, the proper identification will be required to the satisfaction of volunteer security or a police officer before the child is released to any adult.  We do not offer babysitting services and children are not permitted to be left alone while participating in Children’s village activities.

CAMPING: There is no camping on site (except for volunteers).  There is a City run campground across the street from the site at the Kelso Beach Campground.  This site is not recommended for families.

         The Harrison Park campground opens for reservations on May 1st and the Kelso Beach Campground opens May 11th.

*****Mark that day on your calendar!!****

Campers are not permitted to bring their own firewood into the campground in an attempt to prevent the spread of invasive insects.  The 2015 rate for camping at Kelso Beach is $30.00/night. Camping is also available at Harrison Park or the KOA Campground and Whispering Pines campgrounds further from the Summerfolk site.
The campgrounds take reservations.

                   Kelso Park and Harrison Park: 519-371-9734       email:

                   KOA Campground: 519-371-1331

Whispering Pines: 519-371-9833


ACCOMODATIONS: There are no accommodations within easy walking distance.  All accommodations fill up very early for Summerfolk weekend and it is recommended that people reserve their accommodations first – it can always be cancelled later.  There are an array of hotel/motel/bed and breakfast available throughout the City and surrounding area ranging from inexpensive to luxury.

Contact the Owen sound tourism office for details.

Owen Sound Tourism office: 1-888-675-5555 / 519-371-9833 or

Grey Bruce escapes  website; under accommodations


PARKING: The curb lanes of the main road servicing the park are designated for parking free of charge.

There is also free parking on the residential streets surrounding the park.

                    Please respect the residents and neighbourhood.                

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