August 16th – 18th, 2024

Presidents Message on the Anniversary Bash Summerfolk 40

Summerfolk 40 and the Anniversary Birthday Bash certainly exceeded all expectations in every sense of the word. It was a special weekend for everyone involved from young to old, festival patrons right on through to our volunteers.

A special thanks to James Keelaghan who did a superb job programming the festival this year. A special thanks to Roxanne Davidson, and her great team of Summerfolk Co-ordinators for transforming Kelso Beach into a place of pure magic. A special thanks to the army of volunteers who are the glue that hold us all together and allow each one of us the opportunity to truly experience something special. What a treat!!! What great memories!!!!

I was asked many times over the weekend what it was about Summerfolk weekend that continues to surprise and delight people. Simply put I believe it is the recognition and respect that our staff, our volunteers, performers, artisans and our community have for what Summerfolk has come to mean to them personally and to the fabric of this community. People really care about this event. I hear it every day when I am out and about.

Summerfolk will continue to endure and flourish because I am confident we all understand and appreciate that Summerfolk is a true gem, something extraordinary and that we are simply caretakers of something very special.

We are already hard at work planning for Summerfolk 2016 and beyond. We continue to need committed folks to step up and come on board to assist us with this work. I would love the opportunity to chat further with you about some specific opportunities right now. We need some folks to assist us with volunteer co-ordination and management, sponsorship and fundraising, marketing and promotion, and perhaps serving on or board. If you have an interest in any of the above areas, please get in touch with me through the office at 519-371-2995 or Let’s get together for a coffee and a chat.

Keep an eye on for more announcements that will soon be coming your way.
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Phil Bye,
The Georgian Bay Folk Society

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