The Georgian Bay Folk Society is honoured to celebrate the contributions of its many talented and generous volunteers. Without our partnership with over 700 dedicated community members our central annual event, the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival, simply could not go on.

That Summerfolk is flourishing and celebrating its 41st year is no small accident; the support the GBFS receives from this community  is the foundation for enduring success. Our volunteers are the necessary roots providing the foundation needed for growth, stability, and success in this organization and within the greater arts community as a whole.

There is great meaning in the GBFS logo of a tree sheltering and framing the backdrop of a lone artist plying his or her craft. It is well documented that healthy, strong communities are marked by  the nurturing, root-like effect of great volunteerism and the opportunities for social interaction and generosity that result.  Our “tree”  is only as strong as its “roots”.

Thank you to all who have given of your time, talent and resources. You have been ticket sellers, gate keepers, stage hands, food handlers, construction workers, artists, bookkeepers, bar staff, merchandise retailers,  children’s workers, security personnel – the list goes on and on and we do not want to miss anyone!

I joined the GBFS Board because I saw and felt this intangible, hard to describe, giving community at my first Summerfolk in 2014  You, the Folk Society volunteers, are the reason we are successful. Thank you, thank you.

We look forward to working with you again in 2016.

Nancy Mathies,
Volunteer Services Committee Chair
GBFS Board of Directors

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