We’ve been hard at work planning for a festival this year, provided that the health restrictions at the time allow us to do so. This year is not going to look like the usual Summerfolk you may be used to. This years festival will be running on August 21st and August 22nd. Here’s what to expect: 


If for any reason over the next few months, public health restrictions change that prevent us from holding the live in-person concerts, we still plan to go forward with virtual programming, so one way or another, Summerfolk46 is happening! 

There’s lots more info coming soon, including ticket details, so keep an eye on our website to learn more!

Until then, stay safe, mask up, and we’ll see you at Summerfolk!

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  1. will the twenty venues be indoors, outdoors, or some of each? if they are outdoors, then will there be tents? are the two four-hour live music shows separate from the twenty venues?

    1. Hey Jeffrey,

      The venues will be a mix of indoor and outdoor. All outdoor venues will have shaded areas, and where that is not possible, we will have tents for our guests. There will be 20 four-hour live shows, we had a typo there! Each venue will be hosting a full afternoon of music.

    1. Hey Margaret,

      We aren’t sure what the border restrictions will be come the end of August. It’s best to keep an eye on the Government of Canada website for updates around border closures. Thanks for your interest!

    1. The Summerfolk campground will not be open this year due to Public Health directives. Apologies for any disruption that may cause in your planning.

  2. I still have weekend passes purchased for last year’s cancelled SF. Can they be used this year? What are my options? Thanks.

    1. Hey Robert, you will be getting an email within the next few weeks as to what your options are as a ticket holder from last year. The short answer is yes, your tickets can be used this year, and the email will contain further details. Thank you.

    1. Hello Anne, we are finalizing all the details around our volunteer needs, so expect to receive an email in the coming weeks asking if you are willing to volunteer. Evidently it seems you are, which is great!

  3. Hi, I read in the Meaford news that you might be looking for venues, I have a 2 acre farm type property with an empty barn and lots of space to park and set up a stage either inside or out.

    1. Hey David,

      You are right, we were looking for venues to host shows at. However, the call for venues is closed as of now. Thank you for your interest in hosting!

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