Audition your Backyard for Summerfolk 46

This year, Summerfolk is coming to you! Summerfolk 46 is going to look a little different to previous editions, as past years of a bustling Kelso Beach Park just won’t be possible this time around. To keep all of our patrons safe and abide by current crowd limits, we are dividing up our programming into a series of small backyard shows in and around Owen Sound. These intimate afternoon concerts will feature two main acts, as well as one shorter “tweener” set from an upcoming youth performer.  Do you happen to have a big and beautiful backyard? And have an affinity for folk music? You might be an ideal candidate.

We are looking for one more backyard. It can’t just be any backyard, it has to be special. Take a look at the list below to see if you have a yard that fits the bill: 

  • Within a 20 minute drive of downtown Owen Sound
  • At least 1800 sq feet of space (including any decks/ patios) 
  • Outdoor power. If power is inside, it must be easily accessible
  • A Deck or Patio to act as a stage
  • An area to set up a tent to cover gear, or a place where gear is covered
  • An area in front of the house large enough to set up a 10 x 10 pop up tent 
  • Wheelchair accessible seating area
  • An area appropriate to put 2 Porta Johns and a hand washing station.
  • A secure place to store the gear overnight
  • Neighborhood parking that can support the increased traffic
  • A yard free from excess environmental noise (ie, next to the highway) 
  • Some shade; not necessary, but a definite plus
  • A commitment to notify their neighbours of the event. Summerfolk will supply the promotional material to distribute. 
  • What makes your backyard special? 

It’s a bit of a list, but we want to make sure our performers are able to deliver their performance in as quality an environment we can muster. If you are interested and have a backyard that ticks all the boxes, please fill out the form linked at the top of the page and provide some photos and the approximate location of your yard. We are excited to engage with our community, by bringing our programming into the literal backyard of our supporters. Stay tuned for further Summerfolk 46 updates. 

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