August 16th – 18th, 2024

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: Volunteers from the Security and the Front Gate crews are available to facilitate easy and safe access to the site for everyone.  There will be no running.

There are no reservations for seating in the Amphitheatre. For best selections, join the line up before the gates open.


How it Works:


-Line up Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday mornings

-Main Gate and South Gates only

-Line up in pairs, each with no more than 4 chairs per person

-Any chairs placed in line the night before or during the night without an occupant will be      removed from the line

-Two hours before gate opens, security will issue a number to each person.

-You must be present until you receive your number

-Twenty minutes prior to the gate opening, you need to be back in line for getting your seats in the amphitheatre

-Security will escort groups in numerical order in groups of 40


Friendly Reminders: Please

No umbrellas

No high back chairs

Keep the marked aisles clear

Take your chairs with you as you leave.  Chairs left behind in the amphitheatre do not save a seat for the next day. The amphitheatre is cleared each night.