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2023 Applications will be available starting in january. stay tuned!

Summerfolk48 Artisan Village

Check out last year’s Artisan Village, and stay tuned for this year’s artisan lineup!

Delicate Touch

Be it the whimsical character of our brooches, the finely cut lines of elegant earrings, or the classic forms of rings set with precious stones, our focus is to create fine-quality jewellery that will bring you years of pleasure. Most of our designs are available in your choice of sterling silver, 10 karat or 14 karat gold. We also are happy to work directly with you in creating custom jewellery, making original pieces, or setting your favourite gems into a more contemporary design. Each of our designs are produced with attention to detail and craftsmanship, resulting in jewellery that is both beautiful and comfortable to wear.

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The Funky Clothesline

Since 1992, Dolphin and Gaia offer a wide variety of hand-dyed, colourful clothing. The majority of garments are cut and sewn from our original patterns. The fabric for our organic options (cotton and bamboo) is milled locally in Ontario. Personalized painted drawings on the clothes can be requested at the show.

Tranquil Solutions Canada

Tranquil Solutions Canada is located just north of Colpoys Bay. We strive to tread softly on the earth, and to help others do so as well. Our motto “many small steps create a new path”, acknowledges that big lifestyle change can be difficult, but there are many things that we can do! Our Beeswax Food Wrap, Cutlery Travel Rolls, and new Reusable Tea Bags are tools for just that! For peace of mind, we offer the Tranquil Bench, that can be used for meditation, working at a low table or assist with yoga positions, and new Lavender Eye Pillows. We all need a little help these days! Hope to see you next year at Summerfolk! Shop Tranquil

Solutions Canada HERE

The Pottery

Paul Stewart began potting full time in 1985 following in his father’s footsteps. He has produced nearly a quarter of a million pots since then, ranging from small utilitarian pieces to large custom designed work. Paul makes pottery to sell at craft shows and a number of Ontario galleries and also produces work for interior designers, the movie and television industries, and many others. Paul began teaching in 1997 and has continued ever since. He instructs adults and children in his studio, in schools, in corporate and social service agency settings and has delivered advanced workshops for guilds across Southern Ontario. Paul Stewart is the owner and operator of The Pottery.

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Karen Hunter Jewellery

All of the jewellery is handmade by Karen at her home studio and workshop, and each piece is hand cut and formed. She also makes her own Niobium and Silver links. After all of the work is done to each piece of Niobium, it is anodized to create the colour.
The Niobium colours include: green, turquoise, blue, purple, fuchsia, pink, peachy pink, yellow, navy, dark purple and brown. Karen uses Niobium ear wires on dangling earrings and Titanium posts and butterflies, because of their hypoallergenic quality. The patterns on the metals are created with hammer marks and Roller Printing (putting the metal through a rolling mill against; paper, linen or other metal that has a texture, which transfers to the finished piece). 

Shop Karen Hunter Jewellery here 

Gossling Organics

Gossling Organics is a boutique textile and fiber arts studio run by Natalie Goss based in Guelph, Ontario. Gossling Organics began in 2017 with the opening of a shop on Etsy. The shop started small, with a hand embroidered collection of bins and bags. Since 2017 Natalie has grown Gossling Organics’ product selection. She has created a hand embroidered map collection and upcycled cross body bags featuring locations and textiles from her hometown of Guelph, Ontario. Join Gossling Organics on a journey to live a slower, simpler way of life. Small batch, hand crafted textiles. Mindfully made.

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StrayStones is a line of handcrafted jewellery by Kitchener-based designer and metalsmith Jenny Pulling. Using a variety of traditional metalsmithing techniques, Jenny crafts unique designs inspired by nature. From the windswept pines of Ontario to the stark mountain landscapes of the west coast, StrayStones is sure to have the perfect piece for the nature-lover in you.

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Sylph Ecowear

Since 2010, I’ve been crafting a line of clothing, using organic and sustainable textiles. I create unique, timeless pieces to make people feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. I take great care with the making of each and every garment, and build my clothing to last. Check out my esty shop to get items made to order just for you.

Shop Sylph Ecowear here


Hip Chick Designs

With a passion for fashion, art and the environment Hip Chick Design is all about positive energy. Meet Beth McKean, a self taught artist and designer who believes in staying funky, conscious and comfortable in one’s clothing style and choices. All pieces are handcrafted in Orillia ON in Beth’s home studio using recycled or end of the role materials that are saved from ending up in the landfill. Other fabrics used are eco conscious materials such as linens, hemp and bamboo. These one of a kind creations become wearable art themselves and are made with the modern day customer in mind who wants it all: quality, function and individuality.

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Germinate is a compilation of handcrafted wearable & functional art in a resonant synthesis of natural, bohemian & symbolic elements. The collection includes jewelry, textiles, home décor & wildcrafted apothecary. Germinate illustrates that functionality, aesthetics & sustainability can coexist by transforming natural, reclaimed, vintage, upcycled, local, organic & fair-trade materials

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Spirited Earth

With a studio located in Collingwood, self taught designer Michelle creates a variety of styles of wearable gemstone jewelery with a unique flare for leather wrap styles. Along with jeweley, Michelle is also known for her unique buddha/boho style beaded tapestry creations!

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Nancy Pants Accessories

As an artist I love the process of design and the constant flow of ideas of what to try next. My studio is in Owen Sound, where I live with my husband, daughter and son. The best part of this endeavor for me are the connections it helps me build with my community and family.

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Silverfish Studios

Patrice creates one of a kind reversible pendants, and unique rings, cuffs and earrings with layered etched copper, fine silver and bronze. Her studio is in Fergus Ontario, where she hand makes each piece. She is an instructor for numerous jewellery programs and was thrilled to be the Summerfolk-Best in Show recipient in 2019

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Jump 4 Jewels

Katelyn began producing costume jewellery and selling at local farmers’ markets as a part-time job in the summer of 2016. After graduating with an unrelated university degree, in 2018 she decided to pursue her artistic side and went back to Haliburton School of Art + Design for an accelerated Jewellery Essentials course. She learned how to work with sterling silver, copper, brass, bronze and numerous other metals from numerous amazing fellow artists. She strives to continue growing her business.

Shop Jump 4 Jewels here


Angelica Galarce

My art is painting base in alcohol ink on yupo paper
I use all kind of tool to achieve the results such as ceramic wrap,brushes, air duster, air brush,paper towels,etc.
The price it will be from $50 the small one to $250 the big one framed and ready to sale



The Tima Collection

Lucya Almeida, a mostly self-taught multi-talented artist, specializes in copper wirework and recycled penny jewellery. She also sells her paintings, and chemical drawings on copper, showing her work in high quality craft shows across Canada, as well as to shops and galleries for over 30 years.

Shop The Tima Collection HERE

Three Trees Art

Mark Nadjiwan is an Anishinaabae artist whose roots are in the Georgian Bay and Lake Superior regions. His unique style is a fusion of the Woodland and Northwest Coast Native art traditions. Mark’s work can be found in venues across Canada as well as in private collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

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Tot’s Tie Dye

Tot’s Tie Dye ~ Hand – Dyed | Tie – Dye For Mental Health Awareness. Customs, Workshops, Parties & Events! Created By: Victoria Drimmie. Victoria aka Tot Is The Founder, Sole Proprietor, Artist, And Teacher. EST. 2018. Diagnosed – Major Depression, General + Social Anxiety, Borderline Personally Disorder, ADD, PTSD & In Addiction Recovery. Tot’s Tie Dye Raises Mental Health Awareness By Being A Certified Peer Advocate & Tie Dye Art Teacher. Thank YOU Always!!

Shop Tot’s Tie Dye here


Yarn & Claybycc

I started using fiber as a way to calm my mind as I struggled through job-loss and personal issues. I learnt to love what I could make with my hands and then felt extreme joy when other people started loving it too!
Everything is made in small batches and is destined for a happy home.

Shop Yarn & Claybycc HERE

FarOut Farm

Peace, Love and Tie-dye. What more do we need to celebrate 47 years of this beautiful festival.
At FarOut Farm we have been producing groovy hippie camo, off grid for over 25 years. So swing by, say hi, and get your tie-dye on!
So happy to be back!

Shop FarOut Farm here


Visions of Vanstein

I started experimenting with metals about seven years ago. I melted down some aluminum and was fascinated with what the end result was. From there i made abstract wall pieces that were incredibly unique to all that viewed them. My interests started to wander and from there I went to another forms of upcycling. I started using wood and other “wood” products to create more unique abstract pieces.

Shop Visions of Vanstein HERE


Opal Wing Jewellery

Inspired by Nature, Created with Love. Opal Wing Jewellery features handcrafted wearable art with rare precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals and fossils. Many would agree that Naomi’s creations are designed to speak to the heart, adorn the body and nourish the soul. Wearable and whimsical, each handmade creation symbolizes and honors the untouched, organic beauty within the natural materials she uses.

Shop Opal Wing Jewellery HERE

Pine and Joy Paper Co.

My product is all hand drawn! I sell stickers, and stationary, glassware, and a small supply of clay earrings to go with my brand! By shopping small, you are allowing me, an independent artist, to pursue my dreams! All my products are hand drawn and promote good vibes!

Shop Pine and Joy Paper Co. here


RoRo Art

RoRo Art creates lovable unique toys, puppets, and other creations, using socks, fur, fabrics and polymer clay! We have clever illustrated paper puppet & mask colouring kits, original art tee-shirts and new this year: Tentacle Toques!

Shop RoRo Art here


Kynk Naturals 

If you can’t eat it we don’t use it! They don’t taste good, but they won’t hurt you. We NEVER use Petroleum, parabens, dyes, fragrance, Sodium lauryl sulfate, or anything like it. But we do use lots, and lots of Love. We help people live naturally with their beauty!

Shop Kynk Naturals HERE

Midnight Raven Studios

Magic with a sense of humour. Midnight Raven Studios creates a variety of products to bring a little magic into your life. From crystal crowns to crystal infused jackets and hand rolled incense made with intention.

Shop Midnight Raven Studios here


Jump Glass

My love of glass as an art form began approximately 30 years ago. Initially working with stained glass, then eventually shifting to fusing. My jewellery and accessories are created using colourful dichroic and art glass. I practice many different layering and etching techniques, creating beautiful, unique, wearable art. I strive to challenge myself and grow as an artist by continually experimenting and learning new techniques. All of my jewellery is created in my home studio.

Shop Jump Glass here


Fete – Henna & Hair

Fete- Henna & Hair are here to help you get your festival vibe on! Get your hair done and skin hennaed as you slide into the Summerfolk weekend.


From Inside the Toad’s Belly

Jessica Martin is yogi/goldsmith who makes wearable metal art. Coming from Orillia, Ontario, a center for culture and art, She makes her creations speak to the world around her. Each piece is full of intrigue and magic. The dream is to make pieces that are unique, that people love and will love to wear day after day for years to come.

Shop From Inside the Toad’s Belly here


Garrod Gallery

Natalya Garrod is a visual artist from Blue Mountains, Ontario. Natalya studied fine art at the University of Guelph. Natalya owns Garrod Gallery where she sells drawings and painting. Her practice explores the natural world around her.

Shop Garrod Gallery here


Current Artists Featured at the Summerfolk General Store

Delicate Touch Fine Jewellery
Delicate Touch Jewellery
Since 1974, Mark and Shelli have been designing and handcrafting fine sterling silver and gold jewelry in Hamilton, Ontario
Duncan MacDonald Plaques
Duncan MacDonald Plaques
Duncan’s work is homage to these deeply set roots in Britain’s Celtic past. Duncan continues to tell his history in his own distinctive voice. He carves his original work after researching the relevant history to the piece. This background to the work is included with each plaque. The original sculpture is then cast in cement fondue – a traditional process originating from 18th century France. Duncan continues to develop his Celtic stonework both at home on the Blue Mountain near Collingwood, Ontario, and on Islay.