Summerfolk40 President’s Message

Presidents Message on the Anniversary Bash Summerfolk 40 Summerfolk 40 and the Anniversary Birthday Bash certainly exceeded all expectations in every sense of the word. It was a special weekend […]

The View From Stage Right

By David Newland The other day, my teenage daughter confronted me: “Dad, why are you still wearing that t-shirt? It’s ten years old!” I looked down, stunned. “What?! This is […]

Workshops and Festival Magic

By James Keelaghan We have a lot of people who buy tickets to the festival before we announce even one name from the lineup. They know that what happens at […]

Fruitful artists have roots in tradition

By James Keelaghan Several years ago, I was teaching at a music camp in New Jersey. I had a group of about 16 songwriters as students. On the first night […]

Q & A with the Wareham Forge

The Artisan Village puts the ‘Craft’ into the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival.  Recently, we asked Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge about his over 20 years of Summerfolk experience. […]

Building on Musical Mentors

By James Keelaghan In April this year, I lost a good friend. Ron Casat had been one of my earliest mentors. He taught me pretty well everything I know about […]

Trout Fishing in America

By James Keelaghan Nineteen eighty-eight was the first year I played Summerfolk with my own band. The festival, as usual, supplied rooms to out of town performers. Our rooms were […]

The Story Behind the Logo

By James Keelaghan Performers live for stickers and lanyards. They are the campaign medals of the touring circuit. I’ve got a wall full of them in my office. I had one […]

Deep Roots at Summerfolk

By James Keelaghan The other day, I was doing research into Canadian folk festivals. Every now and again, I like to go old school on the fact finding. I went […]

Claire Lynch Has The Voice

By James Keelaghan Every now and again I play a little game with myself. I imagine which musician I would like to be. Sometimes I’d like to be Phil Ochs, […]

In the Spirit of Camping

If we were going to explain the spirit of Summerfolk in one sentence it would look something like this: “People gathering outside to share music and art”.  Visitors find folks […]

General Information 2015

GATES OPEN: Thursday ~ 7pm – music from 8 – 11pm Friday ~ 4:30 pm – music from 6pm – 1 am Saturday ~ 10:30 am – music from 11:00am […]

Alysha Brilla Warmed a Windy April Night

Alysha Brilla brought a taste of the Summerfolk spirit to the Roxy stage on a blustery April night. The Georgian Bay Folk Society partnered with the Roxy Theatre to bring […]

Now with even more Thursday

Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Forty That would be Summerfolk. Forty years is a significant milestone whether you are a festival, a human or even a sea turtle. That’s why, this […]

Folk School 2015

Youth Folk School

First Session of the 2015 term- Sunday February 15 Hosted by Tara MacKenzie Our first session will be at the Harmony Centre on Sunday February 15th at 2:00-4:00pm we can […]