August 16th – 18th, 2024

The View From Stage Right

By David Newland The other day, my teenage daughter confronted me: “Dad, why are you still wearing that t-shirt? It’s ten years old!” I looked down, stunned. “What?! This is […]

Workshops and Festival Magic

By James Keelaghan We have a lot of people who buy tickets to the festival before we announce even one name from the lineup. They know that what happens at […]

Fruitful artists have roots in tradition

By James Keelaghan Several years ago, I was teaching at a music camp in New Jersey. I had a group of about 16 songwriters as students. On the first night […]

The Story Behind the Logo

By James Keelaghan Performers live for stickers and lanyards. They are the campaign medals of the touring circuit. I’ve got a wall full of them in my office. I had one […]

Deep Roots at Summerfolk

By James Keelaghan The other day, I was doing research into Canadian folk festivals. Every now and again, I like to go old school on the fact finding. I went […]

Claire Lynch Has The Voice

By James Keelaghan Every now and again I play a little game with myself. I imagine which musician I would like to be. Sometimes I’d like to be Phil Ochs, […]

Now with even more Thursday

Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Forty That would be Summerfolk. Forty years is a significant milestone whether you are a festival, a human or even a sea turtle. That’s why, this […]