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The Georgian Bay Folk Society and the Summerfolk  Arts and Crafts Festival exists because of the support that we receive from members and volunteers just like you; those  who volunteer at Summerfolk and other events throughout the year;  and serve on our committees and  board.  A strong and vibrant membership base is good for both Summerfolk and the Georgian Bay Folk Society.

Individual member

Renews Annually
$ 25 Annually
  • 1 Voting Share
  • Age 18 And Up

lifetime member

Pay Once
$ 500 Once
  • 1 Voting Share
  • Age 18 And Up
  • Free Summerfolk Program

Five Year Membership

For Individuals
$ 100 Once
  • 1 Voting Share
  • Age 18 And Up
Please consider purchasing your membership now and make plans to attend our upcoming Annual General Meeting, September 14th 2021. (For more information on the AGM, contact the GBFS office at 519-371-2995 or

Your VOTE counts and is important to us all.

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