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Take a look back at past performers we loved and wrote about.

Half a Century of Love, Peace, and Music

Lorraine Sutton

“You may have two left feet, but your smile will get you by ” Traditional Country Dance Caller Lorraine Sutton, is an experienced performer, instructor and advocate of the joys

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Paige Ballagh

Paige grew up performing with her family band, the Ballaghs, as a principal songwriter, singer, fiddler, pianist and step dancer. Touring Canada and Ireland, the Ballaghs have made their mark

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Tallbeat/Laloland Entertainment

Laloland brings stilts to life. Offering a variety of stilt performances at heights of up to 10 feet. This year at Summer Folk, Laloland brings entertainment to new heights with

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Basset (Youth Discoveries)

Basset is a folk group with an unusual combination of mandolin, cello, fiddle, guitar, and more than a few quirks.  They came together in 2016 as students at the University

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Scenic City Film Festival

The Scenic City Film Festival was formed by a group of film enthusiasts as an outlet to help local film and video artists create, network, and collaborate. Since 2014, the

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