Binaeshee-Quae is a singer songwriter from Pic River First Nation. Her musical style is a jazzy-alterna-folk mix that has been described as haunting and unconventional. Binaeshee-Quae’s first album Ooof will be released this Winter with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council. This onomatopoeically crafted album is inspired by life events of trauma and joy that have left a mark. Ooof is the sound of that impact

At the ripe old age of four Binaeshee-Quae knew she had an undying love for music (especially that of Fred Penner). Her desire to sing, create and perform was delayed by doubt and fear of not feeling “ready”. Finally after allowing herself to just do it, she gained the confidence she thought she needed to start. Now, at the age of twenty she is well on her way to living the music filled life she has always yearned for.

Although often a solo act , it is not uncommon for Binaeshee-Quae and her mother, Bonnie Couchie to share the stage. Bonnie’s deep, rich sound with Binaeshee-Quae’s bright vocals makes for a captivating combo. While accompanying Bonnie as back-up vocals at the 2010 Red Rock Folk Festival (first musical appearance) she was asked to return the next year with a set of her own and she hasn’t slowed down since.