August 16th – 18th, 2024

First, Canailles means rascals, and oh boy are they ever the finest of them rascals.

The Montreal 8-piece (yes, octoband) brings together musicians from different backgrounds, or really similar- if you can make a link between experimental, garage bands and post-rock bands. They just all started banging together on acoustic instruments, and what came out is a rollicking mix bluegrass, punk, zydeco and Cajun-something all their own. They can’t stop and won’t stop. They graduated from Quebec whisky nights and since the release of their first full length Manger du bois, it seems they’ve been everywhere. Austin’s SXSW, Festival international de Louisiane in Lafayette, Dawson City Music Festival in Yukon and Vancouver Folk Fest to name a few. This is everyone-is-dancing-the-bartender-is-crying-and-bodysurfing-music.

Also, their drummer is a poet. Somehow, we felt like throwing this out there, or here, in this bio.
Reeeeehiiiiiiiii! <–You’ll soon know what that means.