An acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, Kunle’s folk and soul music bridges contemporary styles with roots in West African rhythms and stories. Nigerian-born and currently based in Toronto, Kunle brings together his rich vocals, unique guitar tapping, harmonica and talking drum to take audiences into what he terms ‘music with no boundaries’.

Grounded in traditions of oral history, Kunle’s music starts from a West African story or proverb and then pulls rhythms and sounds from different cultures to tell a story.  In his song “But a Dream”, Kunle puts the childhood nursery rhyme “Row Your Boat” to styles from the Middle East and finger-picking techniques. In “Ori Okere Lawo”, he narrates a proverb about listening to advice and accompanies the story with an acoustic melody that is based in Yoruba folklore. The effect is a richly melodic and contemporary style of West African tradition and music.