August 16th – 18th, 2024

They’re guaranteed to give you something to smile about while they walk about, flipping, juggling, and dancing along the paths.

Lookup Theatre is a charitable, not-for-profit company, serving rural and urban communities in southern Ontario that explores big ideas in personal ways, using real-life experiences to create art that educates and inspires audiences to live happier and healthier lives. Look out for members of Lookup Theatre throughout the site at Summerfolk42.

They push the boundaries of the art form by integrating theatre, multi-media and circus arts.  Lookup Theatre’s performers have performed internationally including venue such as Africa Burn (Cape Town, South Africa), The Art Gallery of Ontario, LuminaTO, HarbourFront Centre, Caravan Stage Company (Europe), SPACE (Hawaii) and Cirque Pacifica (Maui).