August 16th – 18th, 2024

Some people spend their whole lives searching for the path that might bring them home. But it’s often not just a single path that leads them there: one route can lead to another, which might lead to a long and winding road that drops you on the shore of a massive sea that you’ve no choice but to set sail on. The most important part of the voyage, regardless of which paths you take, is to know your true destination. And veteran troubadour Matt Epp knows his destination.

This wealth of experience has turned him into one of the country’s best live acts and most valuable artistic exports, a rare performer with the ability to take you into his world and make you feel like, in an instant, a true friend. His knack for transforming theatres into living rooms is almost un-paralleled, and has translated to major touring success overseas.

He now makes Owen Sound his home, and we are happy to have him at Summerfolk for the very first time!