If I were Niamh Ni Charra I’d need two of me.

Niamh started playing music at the age of 4.

Strongly influenced by the wealth of local musicians in her native county Kerry, Ireland she’s equally talented on fiddle and concertina. Before she reached her teens she’d won numerous awards, played festivals across Europe, opened tours for the Chieftains and Noel Hill.

Despite this incredible entry to the music scene, she put aside her music to pursue a career in Electronic Engineering. After graduating with honours, Niamh was employed by an Irish software company who regularly sent her on business trips to Boston.

The pull of music was too strong.

From 1998 to 2005 she joined the U.S. troupe of Riverdance touring with them in North America. From Mexico to Vancouver, and Los Angeles to Broadway, New York,

Her solo career since the has been every bit as exciting. Niamh and her band join us at Summerfolk 38 for the very first time.