August 16th – 18th, 2024

Old Man Luedecke is the real thing: a modern-day people’s poet,traveling bard, and balladeer. He’s played around the world to a loving and increasing fan base, and won two Juno awards in the process. He sings songs of love and heartache, modest poverty, whiskey, and fatherhood with an honest and melancholic wit that folds a thousand portraits into an album. Everyone can find themselves  somewhere in at least one Old Man Luedecke.

His latest album Domestic Eccentric describes those strange feelings that come from watching your babies grow into children, the beautiful ways relationships change, and the joys and sorrows of it all. Not since Loudon Wainwright III has anyone written so honestly, so openly, or with such aching tenderness and good humour about family life. Old Man Luedecke has plucked and picked his banjo into record collections and on to stages around the world and we’re excited to welcome him back to Summerfolk.