Imagine yourself at an Eastern European party. Musicians are playing accordions, violins, clarinets, tsymbaly and drums, singers are singing traditional songs. Tables bend under the weight of the food. You feel like you are in a wooden barn surrounded by whirling couples dancing waltzes, polkas and obereks, even though you are in Toronto – one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Polky Village Band takes you on a musical journey to Poland, the melting pot of Eastern and Central Europe, in which you hear Carpathian, Jewish, Gypsy, Ukrainian, Slovak and Hungarian influences.

Started in January 2017 by singer and ethnomusicologist Ewelina Ferenc the band came together through a shared passion for the unique and enigmatic style of Central and Eastern-European folk music. Here in Toronto, Ewelina met dancer and choreographer Ala Stasiuk. They were eager to share the music and dance they learned growing up in Poland with some incredible Canadian musicians.
Polky Village Band has performed at the Danforth Music Hall, opening for Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Boogát, the Big on Bloor Festival, the Heritage Ontario Festival, Aga Khan Museum, Polish and Ukrainian Festivals and more. They perform and teach folk dances around the city and they collaborate with many world music groups.

Are you in love with Polky Village Band yet?