The Krueger Band is an adventure story. A musical box of chocolates left at your door for your consideration. Every song is different and there’s no map inside the lid.


They’ve been called “a cross between the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and the Manson Family”…. but that’s not true …

The Krueger Band features:
Larry Dickinson/bass, Dave Farrar/drums, Rob McLean/keyboards and Trevor MacKenzie/lead guitar
…….. fronted by Bryan Leckie and the Krueger Girls: Sylvie Kindree, Josi Elder and Lauren Jewell.

The original songs are peopled by characters from Moriarty to Betty Boop, from Tom Waits to Nancy Sinatra. You never know who or what you’ll meet in the backstreets of The Krueger Band. For example …“It Never Rains on the Moon” is a song inspired by a short story by Robert “Psycho” Bloch ripped from the glossy pages of SWANK Magazine March 1954. “My Dog Looks Like Broderick Crawford” is a children’s song not necessarily for children. Thrill to the gothic horror of “Dracula Love” sung by the Steve and Edie of Transylvania. There’s Ed Sullivan, there’s Rod Serling, there’s Jimmy Stewart (and Harvey). There’s the 3 Stooges and the Marx Brothers and Margaret Dumont. There’s Albert Einstein and maybe Heisenberg (and maybe not). Songs to disturb your mind, your heart, and your soul…. laughing all the way.

The last man on earth sat in a room alone. There was knock on the door.
It was the Krueger Band.