The Lifers’ velvety harmony draws a uniqueness that can only be heard when two sisters sing together.  Both on and off stage, Liv and Anita Cazzola captivate fans with the complexity of their quirky and vehement, musical and emotional chemistry. Their intertwined voices are delicately nested in accordion, acoustic guitar, cello, ukulele, upright bass, glockenspiel, percussion and more. 

The Lifers began developing their sister-folk duo in February of 2014, in part due to influences such as Dan Mangan, The Staves and Feist. The Cazzola sisters, after spending their teenage years singing in various groups in their hometown of Guelph, Ontario, have recently been expanding to perform in other areas. With their art and music education spreading them between Toronto and London, The Lifers have recently performed at a myriad of in and outdoor festivals and venues in Southern Ontario such as Canadian Music Week, Hillside 

Inside, and Backwoods Music Festival. 

After releasing their debut EP “Set the Sails” in 2014 and single “Home for the Weekend” in 2015, Liv and Anita headed coast-to-coast through Via Rail’s Artists on Board Program on their first tour across Canada. Returning home, they set to work recording their first LP at their family’s cottage and began working with a backing band to flesh out their tender and aggressive stories. “Out and In” was released in February 2016.