The spirit of discovery is the inspiration of the zookeeper — Crowley is a patient, caring man with a true love for folk music.

“My belief about folk music is that it isn’t just music to listen to from a seat in the audience. Folk music is about making music of our own, on all levels, and then passing it on to the next generation.”

“The instruments have a common DNA” says Crowley, “just like all human beings, from a primitive mouth bow to a Celtic harp, from a Puerto Rican Cuatro to an African Kora. The Musical Petting Zoo, with a choice of instruments from around the world, is a vivid and tangible display that we are all interconnected.”
“Often I have found the Musical Petting Zoo attracts the artists as often as it attracts novices and children. At the Folk Alliance in Memphis I watched an accomplished professional steel guitar/harmonica player toy with an Anglo concertina for over an hour. He became a child again rediscovering the joy of making sounds on an instrument totally unfamiliar to him. By the time he walked away playing Mary Had a Little Lamb you might have thought he’d have just won a Grammy.”

The Musical Petting Zoo has become a fixture at Summerfolk and we’re excited to see it introduce new instruments and sounds to the crowds at Summerfolk 42.