August 16th – 18th, 2024

Treasa returns this year to not soothe your eardrums,  run the Summerfolk Choir and host Songs from a Hat and MC on the Amphitheatre stage! Is there anything she can’t do?

Born in Winnipeg and raised in North Bay, the fluently bilingual Treasa Levasseur has made her home in Toronto for many years, and proudly identifies as Parkdalian — Parkdale may be less than glamorous but it’s the “artistic” heart of the city. As a singer, pianist and accordion player — and on-stage storyteller —she has become a well-established part of the city’s busy independent roots music community.

Her independent releases have brought soul and blues hooks to contemporary Canadian stages and airwaves with sultry lyrics and a distinctively powerful voice. As a supporting musician, she’s lent her talent to acts across the Toronto music scene. More than anything though, Treasa knows how to lock musicians and music lovers into a common groove with dynamic performances and quality songs. We’re excited to welcome her back to weave harmonies at Summerfolk, this year as the director of the Summerfolk Choir.