August 16th – 18th, 2024

Folk School- Class is in out for the time being.

We aren’t running the Folk School this year but feel free to contact the office to express interest and check out the Music Biz Tune Up workshops running throughout 2017 to learn more about the skills musicians need to make a career of their art.


Past Sessions

Learn what it takes to succeed in the modern music industry from actual performers and Summerfolk alumni. Once a month we will have an in depth workshop followed by a Jam/Song circle. The workshops will cover important stuff like:

Second Session of the 2015 term- Saturday March 14

Hosted by Tara MacKenzie with special guest James Keelaghan


IMG_0541 BW alt copyOur second session will be at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound on Saturday March 14th from 2:30-4:30pm and can accommodate up to 12 youth.

This session will feature one of Canada’s finest singer-songwriters, Summerfolk Artistic Director James Keelaghan. The topic is “Song-Writing 101” and participants will leave with a tool box to help them jump start the song-writing process, finish songs that are stalled, and map out new ideas from scratch.  Any youth member may attend.

For our after session round robin portion, students should feel free to bring their uke, guitar, song, drum beat, poem, and whatever they want to share in a song circle. Others can jam along or choose to sit out. Each person may share, or say “pass”.


For more info or to reserve a place email


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