Youth Discoveries – The Road to Summerfolk

Are you a musician between the ages of 14-22?

Do you write and play original music? Do you perform traditional or world music? Do you do inspired covers?

Do you wish to play at a Music Festival but arent sure how to make it happen?


Well, Youth Discoveries – The Road To Summerfolk is exactly what you’re looking for! Time to get on the road to Summerfolk! This is an amazing opportunity to be heard and seen by an international crowd.


What is Youth Discoveries – The Road to Summerfolk?

But wait! Theres moreWhat more could there be? Well, tons more! Take a look at this list of goodies weve cooked up for the Finale Winners!


Showcase 2018 dates include:

March 4th – London Music Club, London

March 11th – Marsh Street Centre, Clarksburg

March 18th – The Supermarket, Toronto

March 23rd – FINALE – The Roxy, Owen Sound


Can’t make it to one of these Preliminaries because you live too far away? Well, thanks to the wonders of technology – we’ve got an option for you!


Video entries are being accepted this year! Submissions must be received no later than February 23, 2018 and results will be broadcasted live via OrchardTV on Sunday February 25, 2018. Scroll down for the details of video submission requirements. (By the way – you still need to sign up below as well!)


The finale will be on Friday March 23, 2018 at the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound. Doors 6:30pm, showcase begins at 7:00pm.


So how do you sign up for this?


See you on the Road to Summerfolk!




Video Submission Requirements for Youth Discoveries – The Road to Summerfolk 2018


To participate, you must be available to attend the live Finale Showcase on March 23, 2018 in Owen Sound, ON. Video submissions will not be accepted for the Finale Showcase.


You also need to fill out an application for the competition (available here if you missed it on the main page)


Here are the minimum requirements for your submission: