Sterling &

the Birdwatchers

(Youth Discoveries)

Sterling and the Birdwatchers are a surf punk/garage rock trio based out of Collingwood Ontario consisting of Duncan Crone on drums, Jack Doris on bass and Kailum MacKenzie on guitar. They released their debut self titled EP in August of 2018 and plan on recording their first album by the end of 2019. Sterling and the Bird Boys create exciting songs layered effects with a simple goal of making you dance. So if you’d like, come up to the front and move your body with them.



5:30pm – “Youth Discoveries” with Miranda Journey, Molly Roach, JoJo Smith, and Vintage Flight (Down by the Bay)


1:00pm – “Head On” with The Great Canadian Swampstompers (Down by the River)

4:00pm – “Peer Pleasure: Youth Discoveries Finale” with JoJo Smith, Miranda JourneyMolly Roach, and Vintage Flight (Down by the Bay)

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